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Universal – May 26 2019

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Clues Answers
“Bingo!” AHA
“Disgusting!” ICK
“Good grief!” GEEZ
“L.A. Law” lawyer ARNIE
“Roots” character Kinte KUNTA
“Shoot” ASK
“Society’s Child” singer Janis IAN
“Without further ___ …” ADO
*Dish that often has mutton and potatoes IRISHSTEW
*Sometimes-kosher deli side DILLPICKLE
*Tart preserves APRICOTJAM
Achilles, e.g HERO
Adjust ALTER
Affirmative vote AYE
Bale binder TWINE
Biblical verb suffix ETH
Birchbark craft CANOE
Bit of baby talk GOO
Bond villain with a lethal hat ODDJOB
Brings home EARNS
Campus bigwig DEAN
Card game for two WAR
Carol NOEL
Carrier to Narita, briefly JAL
Catches red-handed NABS
Chicago airport OHARE
Corporation’s public offering STOCKISSUE
Crossword inspiration IDEA
Crude grp.? OPEC
Designer’s concern DECOR
Dilettantish ARTSY
Drench with dressing DROWN
E or G, e.g., in music KEY
Endings to some emails PSS
Facing difficulty, or a bad place for this puzzle’s starred “trouble foods” (note their last words) INTHESOUP
Fiddle stick? BOW
Fissile rock SHALE
Froth FOAM
Frozen treat ICEE
It’s just over a foot ANKLESOCK
IV amounts CCS
Kindled anew RELIT
Knot on a trunk GNARL
Like a heterogeneous crew MOTLEY
Longhaired lapdogs, informally PEKES
Mariska Hargitay’s crime show, for short SVU
Microwave NUKE
Music rights org ASCAP
Myrrh men MAGI
Mythical monster ORC
Pack (down) TAMP
Panasonic subsidiary SANYO
Paper with a Modern Love column: Abbr NYT
Plant that was a gift from Athena OLIVETREE
Quite a while DAYS
Reroutes, as a train SHUNTS
Rings loudly PEALS
Scandinavian inlets FJORDS
Sharpshooter Annie OAKLEY
Shirt protector BIB
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Some are picky EATERS
Some kind of a nut ACORN
Spicy chocolate sauce MOLE
Towel possessive HERS
Unruly ROWDY
Uses a straw SUCKS
Veranda PORCH
Wildebeest, for a lion PREY
You only live ___ ONCE
Young’s accounting partner ERNST
___ about ONOR
___ center REC
___ Lanka SRI