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Universal – May 28 2019

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Clues Answers
“All right, let me get this straight …” OKSO
“Can’t believe you won the lottery!” LUCKYDOG
“Indeed!” YEP
“Nuh-uh!” comeback ISTOO
“Romeo and Juliet” city VERONA
“Star Wars” warrior JEDI
“Strike!” yellers UMPS
“Them’s fightin’ words!” ITSON
“___ a dream …” IHAVE
*”Sesame Street” game show host GUYSMILEY
*A little unclear? MOSTLYSUNNY
*Machine that munches branches WOODCHIPPER
*Out of the closet OPENLYGAY
*Showered and shaved, say FRESHENEDUP
Anxiety-filled TENSE
Bed-and-breakfasts INNS
Belly laugh syllable HAR
Biblical outcast LEPER
Bid farewell, informally SAYBYE
Blue peg in Life, perhaps BOY
Bother with reminders NAG
Broken, like a vase INSHARDS
Buck’s sweetheart DOE
Carpool lane initials HOV
Caustic substance LYE
City on the Rhone LYON
Colleague PEER
Common parrot name POLLY
Complete ENTIRE
Courtroom VIPs DAS
Creme brulee utensil SPOON
Crop top season SUMMER
Czech or Serb SLAV
Day-___ paint GLO
Decorator’s concern DESIGN
Easternmost four-letter state OHIO
Feature of a fairy tale … or each starred answer? HAPPYENDING
G.I. Joe’s base? TOYROOM
Giants giant Manning ELI
Go out on a ___ LIMB
Golden Rule word UNTO
Heap praise on LAUD
Inviting scents AROMAS
It’s pumped in a gym IRON
Key figure? TYPIST
L.A. winter hours PST
Letter after alpha BETA
Louvre filler ART
Make a blunder ERR
Michelle, to Malia MOM
Move like a crab SIDLE
Neglects to mention OMITS
One no longer in the big leagues EXPRO
One-named Irish singer ENYA
Pal, in Paris AMI
Pet shop lizard IGUANA
Play-of-color stone OPAL
Pre-CIA spy org OSS
Prefix for “function” DYS
Put the whammy on HEX
Raggedy doll ANN
Ready to move on OVERIT
Santa ___ (hot winds) ANAS
Shortly SOON
Skippy competitor JIF
Some cuddly pets LAPCATS
Span of history ERA
Stock market debut, briefly IPO
Super ___ (Wii ancestor) NES
Sushi bar sauce SOY
UCLA student BRUIN
USPS delivery: Abbr LTR
Verb whose middle letters aptly sound like “tea” STEEP
Wreak ___ HAVOC
Yang’s go-with YIN
___ dancer (’60s performer) GOGO
___-night doubleheader TWI