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Universal – May 29 2018

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Clues Answers
“New” prefix NEO
“So long” BYE
A farm home STY
All do’ed up COIFFED
Ballish sphere ORB
Beyond tired SPENT
Buenos ___ AIRES
Businesses abbreviated COS
Cassowarylike bird RHEA
CD go-with ROM
Ceremonial Jewish meal SEDER
City get-about BUS
Coat part LAPEL
Compass dir ENE
Copy alive? CLONE
Country matriarchs MAS
Crowded DENSE
Cycle attachment for one? UNI
Defeat TOP
Durable dark wood EBONY
Facially hirsute BEARDED
Fat cat in business NABOB
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Form of “to be” ARE
Get behind, cash-wise OWE
Grain woe ERGOT
Hack off, as a branch LOP
Harbor boat SCOW
Head vanity EGO
Held from above PENDENT
High-placed connections INS
Hindered big-time STONEWALLED
Household nickname SIS
Human Hawkeye IOWAN
Inuit boat UMIAK
Lady on the farm EWE
Lawmaker of old Athens SOLON
Legislative delays FILIBUSTERS

Clues Answers
Lifeblood ESSENCE
Like 34-Across ROOMY
Like certain “regions” NETHER
Like stored blood TYPED
Likely APT
Little builders ANTS
Little Miss Bobbsey NAN
Low-fat Aussie meat EMU
Outspoken VOCAL
Partner in war ALLY
Picture puzzle REBUS
Pins through meat SKEWERS
Places for clappers BELLS
Pop and gospel, for two GENRES
Portray ENACT
Portugal lady DONA
Post-op time REHAB
Ridicule TAUNT
Rocky deposit ORE
Roses? No, the blue ones VIOLETS
Search for gold, old-style SIFT
Sequel number III
Sleep interrupter APNEA
Some school punishments SUSPENSIONS
Song word LYRIC
Sounded relaxed? AAHED
Spacious car SEDAN
Strategy units TACTICS
Summer acquisition TAN
Thing in the way OBSTRUCTION
Tiny insect MIDGE
Two-sided humor IRONY
U-turn from to FRO
Village, old-style DORP
Vintage RETRO
Way less 72-Across SPARSER
Weird ships UFOS
Word copyist SCRIBE