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Universal – May 3 2018

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Clues Answers
“Come” or “take” starter OVER
“___ be a while” ITLL
A wee bit IOTA
Another generic cheer RAH
Arctic floater ICESHEET
Bagpipe player SCOT
Bartlett fruit PEAR
Berth type UPPER
Big palooka OAF
Breathing problem ASTHMA
Bubbling in a pot ABOIL
Buckeye’s locale OHIO
Calf meat VEAL
Causes to suffer PERSECUTES
Cavalry weapons SABERS
Ceremony RITE
Childlike NAIVE
Do this to get a hit BAT
Elevator VIP OTIS
Explorer Polo MARCO
Famous tower EIFFEL
Fix, as a match RIG
Frigg’s husband ODIN
Fury IRE
Game rollers DICE
Generic cheer HOORAH
Gets outta there! SCRAMS
Greek cheese FETA
Greek consonant RHO
H or F attachment FOUR
Historic times ERAS
Jackson 5 guitarist TITO
Ladder part RUNG
Large flightless birds EMUS
Latin lands TERRAS
List-completing abbr ETC
Litter’s littlest RUNT
Long Russian river URAL

Clues Answers
Madonna role EVA
Maximizing suffix EST
Moo ___ shrimp SHU
More glossy SHINIER
Newspaper feature ARTICLE
Notions case ETUI
Of the greatest extent UTMOST
Old NBA rival ABA
Outpaced the pack LED
Pacific starch sources TAROS
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Place of action VENUE
Prickly seed case (var.) BUR
Proofreader’s mark DELE
Put forth effort TRY
Put trust in RELYON
Quadruped’s front two FOREFEET
Reason for a tall fence NOSYNEIGHBORS
Record jacket SLEEVE
Reject “power” VETO
Remorseful one RUER
Romantic placement COZYBYTHEFIRE
Saw parts TEETH
Scam verb-ally? CON
Sciences go-with ARTS
Sharp-angled letters ELLS
She motivated during WWII ROSIETHERIVETER
Sicilian lava spewer ETNA
Slight shade TINGE
Some blackbirds OUZELS
Starting points GENESES
Stocky burrowing rodents MARMOTS
Straggles LAGS
Suffix with “real” ISM
Thing to sing LYRIC
Tub it up BATHE
___ generis (unique) SUI