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Universal – May 3 2019

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Clues Answers
“… and so on and so forth” ETCETC
“Don’t Bring Me Down” grp ELO
“I Love Lucy” neighbor ETHEL
“If only …” ALAS
“Law & Order: SVU” star ICET
“Liver” or “brat” follower WURST
“Monsters, ___” (Pixar film) INC
“Sexy” Beatles woman SADIE
“That’s hi-LAR-ious!” HAHAHA
“Yes, captain!” AYE
’30s building style DECO
*1765 law that made colonists go postal STAMPACT
*Beer named for a founding father, familiarly SAMADAMS
*California city or winds SANTAANA
*Early tool time STONEAGE
*Mandela’s land SOUTHAFRICA
*Mecca’s land SAUDIARABIA
2006 Sacha Baron Cohen role BORAT
Ballet digits TOES
Biblical parting place? REDSEA
Bird that uses its wings to cool itself EMU
Book of opinion pieces, or a phonetic hint to the starred answers ESSAYCOLLECTION
Bouncers screen them, briefly IDS
Broadband giant COMCAST
Busybodies YENTAS
Cartoon bark ARF
Carving on a pole TOTEM
Certain sweatshirt HOODIE
Closely related AKIN
Club alternative, for short BLT
Cowgirl’s rope LARIAT
Do some yardwork MOW
Dried-up Asian sea ARAL
Either of two anchors COHOST
Flamboyant neckwear BOA
Fortune 500 VIP CEO
Futbol cheer OLE
Honey-glazed meat HAM
Hubbub ADO
Hunt for SEEK
It has many kernels EAR
Keep in the bank SAVE
King with a famous tomb TUT
Leave base illegally GOAWOL
Like staring at someone RUDE
LP successors CDS
Menu next to File EDIT
Microwave NUKE
Native New Zealander MAORI
Needing iron ANEMIC
Not in favor of AGAINST
Pelosi’s party: Abbr DEM
Pentagon, for one SHAPE
Pina ___ COLADA
Pioneering ISP AOL
Pirate ship’s haven COVE
Poem that praises ODE
Portrait focus FACE
Possessed HAD
Proverbs ADAGES
Revolutionary Ford creation MODELT
Shows, as a new gadget DEMOS
Small batteries AAAS
Sneezy, e.g DWARF
Sometimes tricky-to-spot humor IRONY
Spoil ROT
Stone cast in movies EMMA
Super impressed AWED
Swishes touch them NETS
Take in ABSORB
Tattoo artist’s supply INK
The “O” in IOU OWE
Very small amount IOTA
Will of “Arrested Development” ARNETT
___ parmigiana VEAL