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Universal – May 3 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Buyer beware” phrase ASIS
“Cinderella” event BALL
“Life of Pi” director Lee ANG
“Waterloo” group ABBA
“Wild Blue Yonder” org USAF
A4 automaker AUDI
Ali who said “Open, Sesame!” BABA
Amazon, notably ETAILER
Animal with a snowshoe variety HARE
Animated figure TOON
Arabian ruler EMIR
Big ___ (London sight) BEN
Brownish gray TAUPE
Canyon sound effect ECHO
Cause of many bogeys? HASTYPUTTING
Chore list entry TASK
Company that makes playing cards and poker chips? BETTINGPLANT
Country legend McEntire REBA
Cranium cover SCALP
Cry from the flock AMEN
Exodus food MANNA
Expo stall BOOTH
Find a purpose for USE
Fix, as loose laces RETIE
Floating hazard BERG
Foxx of “Sanford and Son” REDD
Fragile ones are easily bruised EGOS
Fuel additive brand STP
Glowing coal, say EMBER
Go sideways? SKID
Helium, for one GAS
Highly intelligent billy goats? BUTTINGGENIUSES
Hinge and Tinder APPS
Judge’s concern LAW
Kids’ guessing game ISPY
Kind of knife BOWIE
Lobster dinner garment BIB
Longtime friend CRONY
More than none SOME
Mostly Hindu island in Indonesia BALI
Not imported, like beer DOMESTIC
Olympics sword EPEE
One more time AGAIN
Org. for Lakers and Sixers NBA
Paid for a hand ANTED
Pairs DUOS
Pear variety BOSC
Persian Gulf nation IRAN
Picture-framing hobbyists? THEMATTINGCROWD
Pizza crust choice THIN
Pop the question ASK
Reunion folks KIN
Said “This answer starts with an H,” e.g HINTED
See 32-Across PEASY
See 42-Across PANELS
Shopping basket filler ITEM
Shoulder muscle, for short DELT
Side with cabbage SLAW
South American range ANDES
Spicy condiment HOTSAUCE
Stage personality ACTOR
Stetsons, e.g HATS
Stratford-___-Avon UPON
Substantial HEFTY
Suffix of uncertainty ISH
Suitable for all viewers RATEDG
Swiss girl played by Shirley Temple HEIDI
Taking a breather ATREST
Tax-sheltered savings plan IRA
That filly HER
Tolkien trilogy, briefly LOTR
Tromps through puddles SLOSHES
With 30-Down, really simple EASY
With 44-Down, rooftop array SOLAR
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
___ Cruces LAS
___ Lama DALAI
___, dos, tres UNO