Universal – May 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Universal – May 3 202

Clues Answers
“Act nice!” BEHAVE
“Dropped” drug LSD
“Extreme Sour” candies WARHEADS
“I’ve ___ better” SEEN
“Judge” of taste SNOB
“Mad Men” hat FEDORA
“The GOAT” hides it EGO
“The Joy Luck Club” author Amy TAN
“You’re in my way!” MOVE
*”Talked your way out of that!” GOODSAVE
*”To continue in English, ___” PRESSONE
*”You kids hush now!” QUIETDOWN
*Complete 180 (Note: The title hints at what can follow both words of each starred clue’s answer) ABOUTFACE
*Flying saucer’s purpose SPACETRAVEL
*When college students may hit the beach SPRINGBREAK
Alumnae, e.g WOMEN
Army bed COT
Artist Yoko ONO
Back talk SASS
Bad eggs or rotten eggs STINKERS
Be nosy SNOOP
Big name in cubism? RUBIK
Big song at the Met ARIA
Bodies of water that sound secure LOCHS
Christmas lights might hang from one EAVE
Cut loose FREE
Declares AVERS
Defeat soundly ROUT
Diagram type with circles VENN
DOJ division ATF
Editor’s catch ERROR
En pointe, in ballet ONTOE
Finish END
Gambler’s wager STAKE
Game of checkers? CHESS
Gear teeth COGS
Clues Answers
Genome molecule DNA
Goat with curved horns IBEX
Goes down a snowy hill, say SKIS
He/him/___ HIS
Hybrid activewear garment SKORT
Ingredient in fries, informally TATER
Isn’t just a fad LASTS
It floats up the flue SMOKE
Japanese bread crumbs PANKO
Jul. 4 cookouts BBQS
Knighted fellows SIRS
Labor activist Chavez CESAR
Lavishly decorated ORNATE
Like a strong feeling INTENSE
Muppet with a rubber duckie ERNIE
Naked BARE
One who makes a boxer look smart? DOGGROOMER
Oscar night dress GOWN
Part of B.A ARTS
Polishes BUFFS
Psychic power, briefly ESP
Put to sleep, perhaps BORE
Queen consort of Jordan NOOR
Slushy treat ICEE
Some speak fluent Klingon GEEKS
Sound of a perfect basketball shot SWISH
Sultan of ___ (Babe Ruth nickname) SWAT
Tar Heels’ sch UNC
The aptly named business Face It, for one SPA
Titular org. in a 2015 Bond film SPECTRE
Tools to break up soil HOES
Toot your own horn BRAG
Triage ctrs ERS
Unlike this clue, which is far too wordy and could have simply been just “curt” TERSE
Waffle brand EGGO
What only you can hear INNERVOICE

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