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Universal – May 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“Alice” character FLO
“Beverage crystals” TANG
“Dynamic” attachment AERO
“Mona ___” LISA
“Sucker” add-on SEER
10th Hebrew letter YOD
128 cubic feet CORD
29-Down relatives OGRES
Bad thing to flare up TEMPER
Barbershop band STROP
Bedtime request STORY
Blade part EDGE
Brain part LOBE
Brief time periods SECS
British shorthair, for one CAT
Brown horse ROAN
Business big shot MOGUL
Calf catcher ROPE
Childish whine PULE
Collect crops REAP
Collectibles SETS
Continue no longer END
Cozy corner NOOK
Dangerous, as an elephant ROGUE
De-blubber, as a whale FLENSE
Delay production at Wrigley’s? GUMMYUPTHEWORKS
Europe-Asia range URAL
Fictional humanoid ORC
Flowery sea creatures ANEMONES
Fortune’s cards TAROT
Funeral song ELEGY
Id’s complements EGOS
In the country RURAL
Insect’s sensory thing FEELER
Island or terrier SKYE
Kim of old Hollywood NOVAK
Large in scale EPIC
Leather variety SUEDE

Clues Answers
Lemony Snicket count OLAF
Let’s go, casually CMON
Light tune LILT
Like some fast orders TOGO
Lingering pain ACHE
Little one TYKE
London get-about TRAM
Macbeth, for one THANE
Masked animal, briefly COON
Mixed in with AMONG
Needing tidying MESSY
Nicholas, for one TSAR
No. 1 guy ADAM
Oft-poached stuff IVORY
One up with roosters FARMHAND
One without a cause? REBEL
Overacting rolls? HAMMYBURGERBUNS
Place with tilting ARCADE
Provide necessities ENABLE
Requiring hosing AFIRE
Sends forth EMITS
Severe pain AGONY
Shunned “colony” LEPER
Singer Tori AMOS
Swear by it, really OATH
Teapot byproduct STEAM
The Eternal City ROME
Thing in a mirror IMAGE
U-turn from bass TREBLE
Verdi classic AIDA
Waiting for company ALONE
What the “attorney” is “at”? LAW
Willow variety OSIER
Witch kin HAG
Work long needles KNIT
Wreath tree HOLLY
Zip quantity NONE