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Universal – May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
“Don’t waste your breath!” SAVEIT
“Double Fantasy” artist Yoko ONO
“Inferno” writer DANTE
“Inside the NBA” analyst Shaquille ONEAL
“Tartuffe” segment ACTE
“The Da Vinci Code” author Brown DAN
“Tight” or “loose” follower ENDS
“___ doin’!” NOTHIN
2017 World Series champ ASTRO
A mole may emerge from one SAFEHOUSE
Ability to pick things up, briefly ESP
About to explode IRATE
Blue SAD
Bowling lane button RESET
Brilliant hunter? ORION
Casino statistic ODDS
Cheerios ingredients OATS
Clay target shooting SKEET
Common early pregnancy symptom NAUSEA
Cosine reciprocal SECANT
Culture medium AGAR
Drink for astronauts TANG
Eight, in Espana OCHO
FaceTime computers MACS
Father of biblical twins ISAAC
Fertilizer from bats GUANO
Frost HOAR
Fully on board SOLD
Go after SETAT
Got gold WON
Happily-after connector EVER
Having the most marbles? SANEST
Help for the stranded TOW
High points ACMES
Hudson of “Dreamgirls” JENNIFER
In the matter of ASTO
Intense way to fight TOOTHANDNAIL
Israeli leader Dayan MOSHE
Job connections INS
Lacked the courage to DAREDNOT
Layered treats OREOS
Like peanut gallery seats CHEAP
Longing ITCH
Mexican street food vendor TACOSTAND
More narcissistic VAINER
Movie theater candy RAISINETS
Nest egg letters IRA
November 2020 verb VOTE
Palm starch SAGO
Party mixers, for short DJS
Play with brooms on ice CURL
Race, as an engine REV
Ref. that took 70 years to complete OED
Remainder REST
Roof overhang EAVE
Santa ___ winds ANA
Scenic view VISTA
Speaks jokingly JESTS
Spice up ENHANCE
Stubborn animal ASS
Suspect fishiness SMELLARAT
Take a gander LOOK
Thin as a rail SKINANDBONES
Tie at Wimbledon DEUCE
Tiny criticism NIT
Tony or Oscar AWARD
Totally in love HEADOVERHEELS
Try to prevent DETER
Vow hidden in “maid of honor” IDO
___ Lingus AER
___ Mahal TAJ