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Universal – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
“… of ___ I sing” THEE
“Aw” go-with GEE
“Brown” edible, material, covering RICELEATHERHAIR
“Brown” holder, ingredient, arachnid BAGSUGARRECLUSE
“Brown” place and pour-on UNIVERSITYGRAVY
“Feels wonderful” AAH
“Let me think …” HMM
“Poppycock!” BAH
“Say no more” ISEE
“The Raven” opening ONCE
“You ___ well” (“Why not?”) MAYAS
1-5 stars provider RATER
A bit boring BLAH
A, geometrically AREA
Abnormal breathing RALE
Aboriginal Japanese AINU
Absorbed, as costs ATE
Among the whales ATSEA
Analyze, as ore ASSAY
Banister or barrier RAIL
Biblical verb attachment ETH
Blue Grotto isle CAPRI
Body trunk TORSO
Bothersome one PEST
Brew via teapot STEEP
Business partners ASSOCIATES
Catch some rays TAN
Certain European native LAPP
Civil suit cause TORT
Common article THE
Common fuel GAS
Competition pole CABER
Containing naught EMPTY
Dinosaurs with plates STEGOSAURS
Doesn’t stand SITS
Donate GIVE
Emulate a sleuth DETECT
Feminine pronoun SHE

Clues Answers
For, no con PRO
Gangster Lansky MEYER
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Group of experts PANEL
Guitar ancestor LUTE
Hallucinogenic drug LSD
Hanging open AGAPE
How you can say that? AGAIN
Kilt pattern TARTAN
Lay into BASH
Like a locked door SHUT
Like butterless toast DRY
London gallery TATE
Lunch fish TUNA
Many wines REDS
Moisture measure HUMIDISTAT
One’s years in office TERM
Party hearty REVEL
Pig’s digs STY
Plane on a screen? BLIP
Poem of homage ODE
Ponder, as advice MULL
Practical joke linen? SHORTSHEET
Project off EMIT
Remove chalk ERASE
Scoundrel ROGUE
Sign on for another stint REUP
Some Scots GAELS
Sporting sword EPEE
Summoned, in a way PAGED
Surfaces ARISES
Totally infatuated GAGA
Trashy places DUMPS
USSR successor CIS
Wild throw, e.g ERROR
Word after “yes” or “no” SIRREE
Worth using UTILE
Your hidden stuff STASH