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Universal – May 4 2018

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Clues Answers
“And thusly …” ERGO
“Beau ___” GESTE
“Bodies” start ANTI
“Land ___ alive!” SAKES
“Laughing” animals HYENAS
“___ Good Men” AFEW
“___ you nuts?” ARE
A neutralizer ALKALI
A side dish SLAW
Alabama city SELMA
And the rest ETC
Apply, as fines LEVY
Asian cuisine THAI
B vitamin NIACIN
Bamboo lovers PANDAS
Beach bash LUAU
Bear patiently ABIDE
Big event venue ARENA
Bit of dental work INLAY
Building block brand LEGO
CBS overseer FCC
Certain biter MOLAR
Certain Punjab adherents SIKHS
Community character ETHOS
Cutting carpenter SAWER
Dir. in “energy” ENE
Do some editing SPLICE
Eagle variety ERNE
Easter meats HAMS
Employing USING
End of a court phrase RISE
Fond du ___ LAC
Foundational BASIC
Fur collector PELTER
Grape beverage WINE
Great ball of fire STAR
Greenery FLORA
Have a nice one DAY
Clues Answers
Housing payment RENT
Hovering over ATOP
How to finish wool-gathering? SHEARTHEENDOFIT
Impotent java DECAF
It’s blown in a pit OBOE
It’s vast and salty OCEAN
Lens cover? EYELID
Liquor type GIN
Low islands CAYS
Minute hill dwellers ANTS
Miscellany OLIO
No longer in style PASSE
None of the above OTHER
Not just thinkers DOERS
Not more LESS
Old anesthetic ETHER
Old legends MYTHS
Parking place LOT
Plan a rest period? STAKEACHILLPILL
Plant bed SOIL
Post-wedding relatives INLAWS
Pumpernickel units LOAVES
Rabbit’s kin’s portion? ABYSSINIANSHARE
Relating to “do re mi” SCALAR
Salty drop TEAR
Saxophone variety ALTO
Search engine GOOGLE
Short sleeps NAPS
Snap taker CAMERA
Some precipitation HAIL
Speak to the deaf SIGN
Stubborn fat FLAB
To boot ASWELL
Tower with a tilt PISA
TV’s “___ & Leonard” HAP
Use one leg only HOP
Waterway blocker DAM
West Indies’ largest CUBA
Work for EARN