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Universal – May 4 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“On the Basis of ___” SEX
“Quiet!” SHUSH
“___ had it up to here!” IVE
’50s presidential nickname IKE
1988 Democratic also-ran DUKAKIS
A female deer DOE
About 687 days, on Mars YEAR
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Assemble-it-yourself furniture store IKEA
Bagel topper LOX
Banded gemstone AGATE
Bother continually EATAT
Broad neckwear items ASCOTS
Calligrapher’s tool PEN
Cars with stick shifts MANUALS
Coll. near Beverly Hills UCLA
Collectible statuette FIGURINE
Crowd-rallying cry, or a hint to a 40-Down letter in 19-, 27- and 41-Across ICANTHEARYOU
Cry of mock innocence MOI
Current problem? SHORTCIRCUIT
Defamation in a paper LIBEL
Deg. from Wharton MBA
Detectives SLEUTHS
Dressing room evaluation FIT
E-flat equivalent DSHARP
Flaky metamorphic rock SCHIST
Following AFTER
Form 1099 org IRS
Halifax, Nova ___ SCOTIA
Highfalutin sort SNOB
Impatient personality TYPEA
Information DATA
Intel collectors SPIES
Intends to say MEANS
Jury member, it’s said PEER
Letters before an alias AKA
Like a bubble bath SUDSY
Like a noble gas INERT
Lose traction SLIP
Lustrous quality SHEEN
Military offensive ATTACK
New York MLB mascot MRMET
Northeast Corridor Amtrak option ACELA
Not leisurely FAST
Notable time ERA
Opposite of “all” NONE
Owlery sounds HOOTS
Pastry that looks like a paw BEARCLAW
Pie ___ mode ALA
Pregame reading RULES
Priest : Bible :: imam : ___ KORAN
Produces a sketch DRAWS
Purpose of corporate bonding exercises TEAMBUILDING
Rabbit relative HARE
Rum’s partner in a classic drink COKE
See 50-Across SILENT
Sleep concern APNEA
Snack within “spinach omelet” NACHO
Stump, formerly TREE
Surreptitiously email BCC
Synthetic fiber ORLON
Tropical drink MAITAI
Tsp. or tbsp AMT
Tunes holder introduced in 2001 IPOD
Unwanted email SPAM
Volleyball barriers NETS
Waters down THINS
Word in a simile with “ABC” or “pie” EASY
Yoked animals OXEN
Youth baseball organization LITTLELEAGUE
Zoo facility for birds AVIARY