Universal – May 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“All finished” DONE
“Aw, shucks” GEE
“Cheerio!” TATA
“Dancing Queen” group ABBA
“I’m open to questions!” ASKAWAY
“That ’70s Show” actress Roberts TANYA
“We were just talking about you!” SPEAKOFTHEDEVIL
“We ___ the Champions” ARE
“Will you ___ me?” MARRY
Airport screening org TSA
Amusingly indecent BAWDY
Argument’s foundation BASIS
Big band instruments? TUBAS
Bird associated with spring ROBIN
Bluish hue on a certain duck TEAL
Boxer/poet Muhammad ALI
Caribbean island that became a republic in 2021 BARBADOS
Casino game with balls KENO
Catcher’s catcher MITT
Chum PAL
Comparison connector THAN
Compose music, say CREATE
Country side BORDER
Dark gem ONYX
Direction not used in U.S. state names EAST
Do some darning SEW
Facebook’s parent company META
Feel bad for PITY
Fellow citizen PEER
Fingernail job, briefly MANI
Fire remnants ASHES
First part of many email addresses NAME
Float with the current DRIFT
Gothic writer Rice ANNE
Hieroglyphic snakes ASPS
Hole in the wall where you may pick up a check? POBOX
Improv-style word game MADLIBS
Indelicate CRASS
Judge’s issuance WRIT
Kimono sashes OBIS
Largely obsolete storage format CDROM
London : Underground :: Paris : ___ METRO
Low-stress course EASYA
McEntire of country REBA
Mind the ___ (subway station warning) GAP
Nay’s opposite YEA
News shows and such, with “the” MEDIA
One causing trouble IMP
Pants supporters BELTS
Pine branch hanger CONE
Races, as an engine REVS
Radar gun measure: Abbr MPH
React to heat, say SWEAT
Regarding ASTO
Remain passive SITBY
Road trip game ISPY
Seek attention from, as a pet might PAWAT
Shakespearean king LEAR
Skin care product EYECREAM
Skin care product BODYMILK
Skin care product SHEABUTTER
Something to harvest CROP
Sound akin to a tap on the shoulder PSST
Sparkly headwear TIARA
Spoke at greath length RANON
Strengthened BEEFEDUP
Super cool NIFTY
Super- ULTRA
Supermarket section where you won’t find this puzzle’s products DAIRYAISLE
The “O” of REO Speed Wagon OLDS
They’re given at bedtime GOODNIGHTKISSES
Victors’ shout WEWON
Voice above tenor ALTO
Wild guess STAB
Wood used for some decks TEAK
___ buddy (BFF) BOSOM

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