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Universal – May 5 2018

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Clues Answers
“… in for ___ treat!” AREAL
“Absentee” add-on ISM
“And so forth,” briefly ETC
“Are we not ___?” MEN
“Get it?” gesture NUDGE
“Holiday on” ender ICE
“Infield fly rule” caller UMP
“___ Care of Business” (song) TAKIN
58-Across in “eagerness” ERNE
Accompany on a date, perhaps TAKEOUTTODINNER
Account TALE
Adult pullet HEN
Alexander the Great’s home MACEDONIA
Another Indian royal RANI
Avis production OVA
Barbecue settings YARDS
Barrel strip STAVE
Bay window ORIEL
Beginning ONSET
Beseech God PRAY
Bit of a sticky thicket? BRIAR
Calla lily ARUM
Canary SERIN
Cheeky drop TEAR
Dodge or deflect AVERT
Does an inbox chore DELETESJUNKMAIL
Driving peg TEE
Drunk WINO
Fancy-free? STAID
Felines CATS
Flower part STEM
Flutter or throb PALPITATE
Fly variety TSETSE
Grille protector BRA
High school starters ATEAM
Indian royal RAJA

Clues Answers
Initiation, e.g RITE
Lab vessel ETNA
Like waves of grain AMBER
Lobster part TAIL
Major network NBC
Minister’s home MANSE
More than a good person SAINT
Morning singer BIRD
Most-banged drum SNARE
Mountain range or river URAL
Not leave STAY
Noted operetta (with “The”) MIKADO
One-percenter, to some ELITIST
Put up with ABIDE
Quite upset IRATE
Ransacks suddenly RAIDS
Rubber-stamps OKAYS
Self-defense discipline KARATE
Shul scroll TORAH
Sign of cold weather FROST
Slurs syllables ELIDES
Small space GAP
Smart person BRAIN
Some flying singers WRENS
Strong woody fibers BASTS
Symbol on a keypad STAR
Taproom serving ALE
U.S. celebration in June FLAGDAY
United ___ Emirates ARAB
Wander STRAY
Weight you don’t pay for TARE
William Barton Rogers’ school MIT
Wine valley NAPA
Worked a bell RANG
Worse than bad EVIL
___ chi TAI
___-bodied ABLE