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Universal – May 5 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Dancing Queen” singers ABBA
“Frozen” prince HANS
“That feels amazing!” AAH
“You got it!” SURETHING
“___ the Beautiful” AMERICA
A pig’s foot has four of them TOES
A soul patch is above it CHIN
All wound up EDGY
Appliance brand AMANA
Back tooth MOLAR
Bad-mouth DIS
Bagpiper’s wear, perhaps KILT
Bathroom floor covers MATS
Bavarian automaker AUDI
Bread with a pocket PITA
Buddhism sect that originated in China ZEN
Burn lightly SINGE
Ceremonial grandeur POMP
City east of Phoenix MESA
Climbs the corporate ladder RISES
Composer’s numbered piece OPUS
Conspiring group CABAL
Coral reef formation ATOLL
Devoted follower ACOLYTE
Dunaway of “Bonnie and Clyde” FAYE
Faux locks WIG
Feed store grains OATS
Fish prized for its roe SHAD
Free from bias FAIR
Golfers may break them TEES
Hilarious people RIOTS
Hint of color TINGE
Hit the ball hard RIPIT
Hockey player’s favorite appetizer? TURKEYWING
Hockey player’s favorite dessert? ICECREAMCAKE
Hockey player’s favorite entree? BLADESTEAK
Hockey player’s favorite snack item? PRETZELSTICK
Inquire ASK
Jeremy’s dad in “Zits” WALT
Largest beer producer in Japan ASAHI
Like a good meringue AIRY
Like fine Scotch AGED
Maggie Simpson’s sister LISA
Major artery AORTA
Medicinal measurements DOSES
Minuscule TEENSY
Moderate horse gait TROT
Nectarine parts PITS
Nonverbal approval NOD
Not doing anything IDLE
Olympic fencing event EPEE
On ___ with (comparable to) APAR
One-up TOP
Pans in a Chinese kitchen WOKS
Penne or ziti PASTA
Place to find a lifeline PALM
Places to get pampered SPAS
Post-marathon woe ACHE
Priest, e.g CLERIC
Reason to pinch your nose ODOR
Reservoir creator DAM
Rib eye alternative TBONE
Rotten to the core EVIL
Sedona automaker KIA
Snapchat and WeChat APPS
Sound of thunder CLAP
Spray graffiti on, say MAR
This, in Taxco ESTA
Tool for tracking weather in real time LIVERADAR
Urged (on) EGGED
Vegetable with a slimy texture OKRA
Visibly frightened ASHEN
Vision that isn’t real DREAM
Where Tet and Spring Festival are celebrated ASIA
You may bookmark one SITE
___ & Young ERNST
___ buddies (close pals) BOSOM
___ out a living EKING