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Universal – May 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Eternals” director Zhao CHLOE
“Frozen” character who can control ice ELSA
“I know ___, but what am I?” YOUARE
“I’ve got it!” AHA
“My bad” OOPS
“Sounds rough” (first 4 letters + last 3) MUSTBEHARD
“The Chi” creator Waithe LENA
“Trusty” mount STEED
“___ be better off …” HED
2020 WNBA MVP Wilson AJA
Actress Holly Robinson ___ PEETE
Answering machine’s beep, e.g CUE
Aptly named flights REDEYES
Be constantly annoying (first 2 letters + last 3) STICKINYOURCRAW
Caesar’s attire TOGA
Certain wasps, or the words that wrap around 17-, 23-, 48- and 57-Across? YELLOWJACKETS
Civilization in the Passover story EGYPT
Colorado native UTE
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Computer port initials USB
Consume EAT
Cookware item POT
Cow’s call MOO
Crush grapes, say STOMP
Currency that anagrams to “liras” RIALS
Curse HEX
Deltas’ followers EPSILONS
False deity IDOL
Feel great concern CAREALOT
Field doctor MEDIC
Fire starter, at times MATCH
First parts of CPR? (first 2 letters + last 4) CARDIOPULMONARY
Flight tracker backdrop MAP
Fresh-faced YOUTHFUL
Grand ___ (tennis feat) SLAM
Grow older AGE
Hawaiian instrument, briefly UKE
Marching insect ANT
Mario’s dinosaur sidekick YOSHI
Mex. neighbor USA
Missions, briefly OPS
Month with the shortest name MAY
Moral principles ETHICS
Nice bargains DEALS
Not just any THE
Notable time ERA
PC brand ACER
Public transit option BUS
Question of time WHEN
Raccoon relative COATI
Relatively unknown OBSCURE
Relatively unknown ARCANE
Rep. of N.Y.’s 14th district AOC
Sci-fi saucers UFOS
Score units: Abbr PTS
Settled a debt PAID
Skilled in GOODAT
Smallest of the litter RUNT
Sound of music? LONGU
Stockholm residents SWEDES
Stretch the truth LIE
Stuffing herb SAGE
Tends to spilled milk MOPS
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Texter’s exclamation OMG
Tony winner ___ Elise Goldsberry RENEE
Tough jumps in skating AXELS
Urge to act PROD
Vain “voyages” EGOTRIPS
Warriors coach found in “locker rooms” KERR
Winner’s wreath LAUREL
You may play with it at a casino (In this answer, note the first 2 letters + the last 3) HOUSEMONEY
Zipper component TOOTH
___ B. Wells (civil rights pioneer) IDA
___ Rica COSTA