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Universal – May 6 2018

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Clues Answers
Alternative spread OLEO
Ancient Roman Antony MARC
Arena levels TIERS
Authentic REAL
Battery feature ANODE
Bechamel flavorer NUTMEG
Biblical mount SINAI
Blossom parts PETALS
Bucks sorter TILL
Butter beans LIMAS
Butterfly relative MOTH
Certain discriminator AGIST
Classic war story ILIAD
Color slightly TINCT
Common person, briefly PLEB
Conclusion word THUS
Coronet for a princess TIARA
Creamlike shade ECRU
Dots ___ inch PER
Egg feature YOLK
Feed a bottle to NURSE
Fiennes of films RALPH
Finishes ENDS
Foam finger number ONE
Go to bed TURNIN
Gumbo add-in OKRA
Has reason to apologize COMMITSABLUNDER
Hombre’s house CASA
Horse racetrack part RAIL
Inquire ASK
International alliance NATO
Japanese temple PAGODA
Justice Gorsuch NEIL
Light-footed AGILE
Long hike TREK
Long poem part CANTO
Magnificent garden EDEN
Clues Answers
Make like a candle TAPER
Makes a choice OPTS
Makes roads TARS
Managers field it TEAM
Multi-trunked tree BANYAN
Nautical adverb ALEE
Newton, e.g UNIT
Night lighting STARS
Old Celtic priest DRUID
Old spy org OSS
One way to be minded? OPEN
Parks or Ponselle ROSA
Pelvis bones ILIA
Pepper place MILL
Pitcher’s boo-boo BALK
Prefix with “action” INTER
Prefix with “liberal” ULTRA
Pushed through a sieve RICED
Satan’s place HELL
Ship handler HELMSMAN
Shocked like a bolt from the blue? THUNDERSTRICKEN
Sings jazz sans lyrics SCATS
Smells but good REEKS
Sounds of disgust UGHS
Stair feature RISER
Stat for hurlers ERA
Stuff in the freezer? ICE
Subterranean cemetery CATACOMB
Swamp or electric EEL
Third Hebrew letter GIMEL
Turkish military rank (var.) AGHA
Unkempt or shabby RAGTAG
Varied mixture OLIO
Very dry ARID
Way to buy things in BULK
Well-ventilated AIRY
Where humans develop UTERI