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Universal – May 6 2019

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Clues Answers
“And so on” ETCETERA
“Baywatch” star David’s nickname, with “The” HOFF
“D’oh!” OOPS
“Delta Dawn” singer Tucker TANYA
“Game, ___, match” SET
“Sneaky” animals WEASELS
“Star Wars” heroine REY
“The Raven” writer POE
18-, 24-, 51- and 58-Across can aptly be found at a continental one BREAKFASTBUFFET
1999-2001 Israeli P.M. Ehud BARAK
8 1/2 x 11 size: Abbr LTR
Actress’ signal CUE
Alliance that France rejoined in ’09 NATO
Annoying little kid IMP
Bakery item with heels LOAF
Barnes & Noble’s NYSE symbol, aptly BKS
Bay Area airport code SFO
Capital of 19 countries EURO
Celebratory poem ODE
Clio or Erato MUSE
Contend (for) VIE
Corn or wheat unit EAR
Corned beef on ___ RYE
Corner PC key ESC
Cosmetic oil JOJOBA
Days ___ (hotel chain) INN
Dean’s list initials GPA
Douglas’ “Wall Street” role GEKKO
Drag racing org NHRA
Dynamic ___ DUO
Entertainer synonymous with Las Vegas ELVIS
Fielding gloves MITTS
First-aid ___ KIT
Food that’s often buttered ENGLISHMUFFIN
Food that’s thick and creamy GREEKYOGURT
Food with big squares BELGIANWAFFLE
Food with bread soaked in eggs FRENCHTOAST
Frighten away SCAREOFF
Green Muppet OSCAR
Half a Pacific island BORA
Hassan Rouhani’s country IRAN
Heinie TUSH
Home of Baylor University WACO
Host a feast, say REGALE
How homes are often built ONSPEC
Kill with jokes SLAY
King, in French ROI
Knock loose JAR
Library ledge SHELF
Light run JOG
Like James Comey EXFBI
Luxury German car BMW
Make less stuffy AIROUT
Millennium Falcon captain Han SOLO
Narrow river inlet RIA
On the ocean ASEA
Prefix for “violet” ULTRA
Queens airport code LGA
Red/blue chemical test LITMUS
Repeated theme MOTIF
Simple EASY
Since ASOF
Singer Aguilera’s alter ego XTINA
Sometimes-mild dip SALSA
Soviet spy org KGB
Stoker of horror BRAM
The CW predecessor UPN
Toothbrush brand ORALB
Tosses high LOFTS
Troop-entertaining grp USO
Willem of “Spider-Man” DAFOE
Wolf down EAT
Work locale OFFICE
___ East Side UPPER