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Universal – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
” … but fear ___” ITSELF
“Aladdin” prince ALI
“Hot” snack TAMALE
100 percent truth FACTOFTHEMATTER
15th president BUCHANAN
Acidic to the taste ACERB
Anticipate AWAIT
Badly needing money STRAPPED
Barge, e.g SCOW
Beans go-with RICE
Big goofballs OAFS
Carafe relatives EWERS
Charming story TALE
Continuous change FLUX
Crafts’ partner ARTS
Crucifix variety ROOD
Daughter of Muhammad FATIMA
Destiny FATE
Director Spike LEE
Dubious IFFY
Duchess of York SARAH
Dynamite stuff TNT
Easily duped NAIVE
Ending that threatens ORELSE
Expression of woe ALAS
Fiery gem OPAL
Flat tire application PATCH
Flower or eye feature IRIS
Foolish one NINNY
Hard-to-dispute fact GIVEN
Hotel offering SPA
Ice on frigid waters FLOES
Id’s complements EGOS
In two lobes BIFID
Instrument that wails SAX
It sells, it’s said SEX
Clues Answers
It’s sweet after dinner PIE
It’s tender in Mexico PESO
Jug grips EARS
Large lizard IGUANA
Like lemon juice TART
Like skin PORED
Like sweaty hands CLAMMY
Male in the woods STAG
Maryland vis-a-vis Arizona EAST
Mountain ridges ARETES
Mug with a mug TOBY
New Testament book ACTS
Oft-reflected image FACE
One’s atmosphere AURA
Overly precious CUTESY
Parking regulator METER
Part-timers TEMPS
Pelvic bones SACRA
Pigskin holder TEE
Place of business OFFICE
Pocketed bread? PITA
Prolonged pain ACHE
Reverses sinking ARISES
Sandler in the movies ADAM
Semi-casual shirts POLOS
Shoe structure TREE
Some conifers YEWS
Soothing plants ALOES
Standard NORM
They’re cranked no more AUTOS
Three strikes are an out, e.g RULE
Tolkien creatures ORCS
Type of support TECH
What fuddy-duddies pick NITS
Word to a pest SHOO
Work the checkout SCAN