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Universal – May 7 2019

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Clues Answers
“Moby-Dick” captain AHAB
“Who Let the Dogs Out?” band BAHAMEN
A dyeing art BATIK
Acid type in sour milk LACTIC
Agamemnon’s daughter ELECTRA
Antique store? SHOPPE
Atwood’s writing skills, e.g.? MARGARETCHOPS
Bar called O’Donnell’s, most likely IRISHPUB
Barre hops? JETES
Beethoven work based on a Goethe play EGMONT
Beginner’s counterpart EXPERT
Big gong TAMTAM
Big name in appliances AMANA
Boost the horsepower of HOPUP
Bro’s counterpart SIS
Catch a glimpse of ESPY
Chart-topping song HIT
City in the San Joaquin Valley FRESNO
Costa Brava “Brava!” OLE
Dance style known for its shoes TAP
Decorated officers HEROCOPS
Defeats BESTS
Docking points PIERS
Ecko or Jacobs of fashion MARC
Enjoys oneself immensely HASABALL
Feedback INPUT
Found the mean of AVERAGED
Get on a horse MOUNTUP
Giggling sound TEEHEE
Golf lesson topic GRIP
Grilled sandwich PANINI
Heavy lifting sound GRUNT
Location in the stands, ironically SEAT
Longing feeling ACHE
Lumberjack’s start NOTCH
Lunch, e.g MEAL
M.S. enclosure SASE
New citizen, perhaps EMIGRE
Notifications on a certain dating app? BUMBLEBEEPS
Opera solo ARIA
Operating room suggestion? USETHEFORCEPS
Orangutans and others APES
Pablo Neruda’s country CHILE
Passes quickly FLIESBY
Pianist Rubinstein ARTUR
Plant with fronds FERN
Pull off perfectly NAIL
Really admire ESTEEM
Remote possibility? CHANNEL
Respects a red light STOPS
Scene of utter bedlam ZOO
Short punch JAB
Sierra Nevada lake TAHOE
Siri relative ALEXA
Stale OLD
Still buggy, maybe INBETA
They stain your fingers orange CHEETOS
Tickle pink AMUSE
Timeline swath ERA
Toyland visitors BABES
Trendy salad green KALE
Upholstery issue RIP
Wing dip RANCH
Words added to letters, or a hint to the ends of 17-, 28- and 41-Across POSTSCRIPTS
World-weary feeling ENNUI
Zig’s partner ZAG