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Universal – May 7 2020 – Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Not so!” reply ISTOO
“SNL” alum Kevin NEALON
“SportsCenter” channel ESPN
“True ___!” (“Amen!”) DAT
“What did I tell you?” SEE
“Whee!” ITSFUN
*Candy cane flavor (see letters 4 to 7) PEPPERMINT
*Lara Croft, notably (4 to 8) TOMBRAIDER
*One takes a stand on stage (3 to 6) MICROPHONE
*Skims (5 to 10) SPEEDREADS
26-Across, in Uruguay ENERO
A party to INON
Against: Prefix CONTRA
All over again ANEW
Baskin-Robbins unit SCOOP
Bowl over AWE
Braeburn or Gala APPLE
Bread served with baba ghanoush PITA
Buffy slays them VAMPIRES
Certain North African ARAB
Certain SoCal resident ANGELENO
Chip in ANTE
Creature such as Treebeard ENT
Dripping WET
Easy peasy SIMPLE
Easy two-pointer TIPIN
Explorer Hernando DESOTO
Folk artist Grandma MOSES
Gavel banger’s cry ORDER
Gentle touch PAT
Gets on in years AGES
Gillette razor ATRA
Grp. that may meet in a school gym PTA
H.S. proficiency exams GEDS
Hall-of-Famer Ott MEL
Hence ERGO
Hogwarts potions professor SNAPE
In ___ We Trust GOD
Kind of column in a newspaper ADVICE
Kitchen wrap? APRON
Letter before lambda KAPPA
Like a no-name product OFFBRAND
Loosen up, or a hint to the starred answers’ indicated letters LETONESHAIRDOWN
Mahershala of “Moonlight” ALI
Month whose first day is holiday JANUARY
Mover? MOTOR
Neutron’s place ATOM
Novelist Charlotte or Anne BRONTE
Number of states that border Washington TWO
Odorous and amorous Pepe LEPEW
Org. with a vegan starter kit PETA
Part of QED ERAT
Partiality BIAS
Practiced boxing SPARRED
Purplish-red printer color MAGENTA
Reasonable SANE
Related to a pelvic bone ILIAC
Satellite, e.g ORBITER
Sci-fi invaders ETS
Sheeplike OVINE
Slightly cracked AJAR
Stereotypical bookworm NERD
Syllable before “Na Na” SHA
Take the wheel STEER
Terminus END
They may be trans FATS
Try to get some answers ASK
Turf SOD
Verbal stumbles ERS
Wedding gown shade IVORY
What homeowners hold DEEDS
Worn-out horse OLDNAG
You may show yours off in a Speedo BEACHBOD
Yuletide beverage NOG
___ Spiegel (German magazine) DER