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Universal – May 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Am not!” retort ARESO
“Como ___?” ESTA
“Ditto” SAME
“Firefly” and “Cowboy Bebop,” for two SPACEWESTERNS
“Mazel ___!” TOV
“No biggie!” ITSOK
“So scary!” EEK
“Thinking about it” IMAY
“Tubular!” RAD
A die has 21 PIPS
Add to the staff HIRE
Artist’s workplace STUDIO
Automaker with a Soul KIA
Blow your top ERUPT
Bundle of papers PACKET
Burning passion? ARSON
Captain America portrayer Chris EVANS
Cheer leaders? FANS
Common downtown street MAIN
Community org. that supports gender equity YWCA
Core exercises SITUPS
Didn’t participate SATOUT
Discomfort UNEASE
Exclamation of disbelief YOURENOTSERIOUS
Field of expertise AREA
Garment shot from a cannon TSHIRT
Gets furious SEESRED
Good thing about a decision PRO
Guy who created trash can nachos FIERI
Hardens SETS
Homes for bears DENS
Issa of “Insecure” RAE
Jazz concert highlight SOLO
Jedi’s power source, with “the” FORCE
Lemon’s home? CNN
Like ancient Scandinavians NORSE
Little bud, maybe? EARPHONE
Low-___ graphics RES
Marriott, for one HOTEL
Mexican food truck items TACOS
Mozart’s middle name AMADEUS
Neither’s partner NOR
Obvious choice CLEARFAVORITE
One taking the train RIDER
Opposite of NNW SSE
Promises VOWS
Prone to snooping NOSY
Religious branch SECT
Results of mixing colors with gray, perhaps TONES
Series of scenes ACT
Slightly amiss OFF
Small quibble NIT
Smooching on the subway, e.g.: Abbr PDA
Some write haiku POETS
Stashes STORES
Steady partner? SLOW
Surprised greeting OHHEY
The White Stripes or The Black Keys, e.g DUO
They’re often spent at the spa MEDAYS
They’re outta this world! ETS
Took off in an open field, say RANFREE
Treasure, to a pirate BOOTY
Tucker who sang “Delta Dawn” TANYA
TV commercial ADSPOT
Words that may convince you to pass? THERESNOIINTEAM
You can’t go back from here POINTOFNORETURN
___ & Jerry’s BEN
___ game hen CORNISH