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Universal – May 8 2018

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Clues Answers
“… fish ___ fowl” NOR
“Aw” go-with GEE
“Don’t mind if ___” IDO
“Go on …” AND
“I’m ___ ears” ALL
“Live Free or ___” DIE
“See what I mean?” abbr ETC
“Well, ___ you asked …” SINCE
“You know the ___” DRILL
’90s Olympics city ATLANTA
29-Across-backing org NRA
Battery variety NICAD
Bedroom set staple BUREAU
Big name in electric shavers BRAUN
Bit of TV fare DRAMA
Botch ERR
Boxing legend ALI
Brilliant star DENEB
Brown photo hue SEPIA
Burrowing animals MOLES
Chaotic brawl MELEE
Compunction REGRET
Court statement PLEA
Cruise termini PORTS
Cures a ham SALTS
Dangerous gas RADON
Deletes ERASES
Down bird EIDER
Doze NAP
Father figure DADDY
Feast upon FEEDON
Firearm GUN
Fix, as coding DEBUG
Flared dresses ALINES
Flip-flop, e.g SANDAL
From Neptune ALIEN
Further from a commitment? SANER

Clues Answers
Good-sized bass NINEPOUNDER
Grass stems CULMS
Groups of eight OCTADS
Half a fillup, for some NINEGALLONS
Hindu melodies RAGAS
Hollow part of a bird AIRSAC
Israeli harbor town JAFFA
Joined in war ALLIED
Junior river RILL
Leave in the lurch DESERT
Letters on scoreboards RHES
Mahatma ___ GANDHI
More mad ANGRIER
Not quite a sawbuck NINEDOLLARS
One of the Brady Bunch JAN
Outwit, as the cops ELUDE
Painter Pierre-Auguste RENOIR
Place for a farmer of song DELL
President John or John Quincy ADAMS
Relish and how ADORE
Road shoulder BERM
Scary sight at the beach FIN
Score of three perfect bowling games NINEHUNDRED
Seamstress, at times MENDER
Shakespearean hubbub ADO
Spy of Moses CALEB
Strips bare, ironically DENUDES
Thing a dictionary explains USAGE
Toxic element ARSENIC
Typically USUALLY
Walking and running, for two GERUNDS
Wear for 48-Down DHOTI
Weasley in literature RON
When a rooster stirs SUNUP
Wool source MERINO
Yemen port ADEN
___ Haute TERRE