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Universal – May 8 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Old MacDonald” refrain EIEIO
“Trick” joints KNEES
“___ I a Woman?” (Sojourner Truth speech) AINT
“___ the season …” TIS
A la ___ CARTE
Absorb with a bit of bread SOPUP
Acronym of urgency ASAP
Actor Rickman ALAN
Ant bait brand RAID
Any of a biblical septet CARDINALSIN
Appear before the Supreme Court, say ARGUEACASE
Big lake south of Reno TAHOE
Big name in jeans LEE
Channel that aired “Mad Men” AMC
Coin producer MINT
Country shaped like a boot ITALY
Court fig ATTY
Crunch sources in some brownies NUTS
Deck, in a ring KAYO
Director Sofia’s Oscar-winning grandfather CARMINECOPPOLA
Downed, in a sense ATE
Dutch cheese EDAM
Eric of “The Finest Hours” BANA
Fix an error in, e.g EDIT
Food processor? STOMACH
Formerly possessed HAD
Go on horseback RIDE
Guatemalan “Goodbye” ADIOS
Haleakala’s island MAUI
High-tech diagnostic tool MRISCAN
Highest point ACME
Homes in trees NESTS
Itinerary preposition VIA
Japanese for “yes” HAI
Kind of angle ACUTE
Little demons IMPS
Lofty area of a house ATTIC
Low, like lights DIM
Lucy van Pelt’s brother LINUS
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Luxury hotel chain HYATT
Michael of “Going In Style” CAINE
Military doctors MEDICS
Musk of Tesla ELON
Nutrition spec RDA
Once more AGAIN
One giving a pep talk COACH
Out of date OLD
Oversimplified conception STEREOTYPE
Pet that may say “I love you” back MYNA
Predatory swimmers ORCAS
Project Apollo destination MOON
Racecourse shape OVAL
Restricted hosp. area ICU
Round salad ingredients CHERRYTOMATOES
Scarecrow’s pal TINMAN
Shares on Twitter, informally RTS
Soft cheese BRIE
Southeastern Conference powerhouse CRIMSONTIDE
Sports org. hidden in “great play” ATP
Squad car drivers COPS
Supersonic speed measure MACH
Tailor’s lines INSEAMS
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Tech news site CNET
Tuesday, in Paris MARDI
TV award EMMY
Vessels for ocular solutions EYECUPS
Walk in water WADE
What many free apps have ADS
Where Jordan is ASIA
Wind down END
Wood cutter? SAW
Yeltsin who was Russia’s first president BORIS
___ it on the line LAY
___ Maria (coffee liqueur) TIA
___-a-brac BRIC