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Universal – May 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Hawai’i” part OKINA
“Later, friend!” ADIOSAMIGA
“No one told me!” IDIDNTKNOW
“Not in a million years!” GODNO
“Oh, barnacles!” BLASTIT
“She’s the Man” star Channing TATUM
“Sit” or “stand” follower INS
“Star Wars” furballs EWOKS
“The Haunting of Bly Manor” actress Miller TNIA
“The Princess Bride” avenger Montoya INIGO
“Winning” trio? ENS
A, as in Arles? UNE
Abbr. ending a business name INC
Activist Murad NADIA
Air pollution SMOG
AP math class CALC
Biblical name hidden in “made no sense” ENOS
Big stink ODOR
Chimney grime SOOT
Connect LINK
Cricket great Brian LARA
Day of the Dead offerings SUGARSKULLS
De-lump, like flour SIFT
Default choice GOTO
Degrees awarded after successful defenses PHDS
Drink served in a big bowl FRUITPUNCH
Drive-through tourist activities? SAFARIS
Equivalent of “ain’t” ISNT
Fence entryways GATES
Flatbread variety ROTI
Fried and steamed dumpling POTSTICKER
Frosted ICED
Fully reverse UNDO
Gratuity TIP
Great Basin people UTE
Great Lakes people CREE
Great Plains people OSAGE
Hip-hop subgenre TRAP
Includes without risking a “reply all” gaffe BCCS
Islamic prayer of invocation DUA
It can be stroked or massaged EGO
Jeanne d’Arc, for one: Abbr STE
Kick out EXPEL
Leisurely gait TROT
Length of a ruler FOOT
Monopoly quartet: Abbr RRS
Opposite of min MAX
Our current time period, astrologically AGEOFPISCES
Pay tribute, in a way POURONEOUT
Phone downloads APPS
Photographer Goldin NAN
Portmanteau name for creators of whispery videos ASMRTISTS
Project directors, e.g TEAMLEADS
Proud, loyal types, astrologically LEOS
Pub beverages ALES
Quinceanera dessert CAKE
Sacred object TOTEM
Sapphic Tik___ (online space for queer femmes) TOK
Serpent Mound’s state OHIO
Show contempt SCOFF
Showing the way GUIDING
Silencing Zoom button MUTE
Story in which Watson and Holmes might be an item FANFICTION
Surrounded by AMONG
Taj ___ MAHAL
Takes legal action SUES
Talk back to SASS
Thick noodle type UDON
Titular musical role for Celina Smith ANNIE
Too flustered to speak TONGUETIED
What might follow a successful chemistry experiment? SECONDDATE
Wing motions FLAPS
___ favor POR