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Universal – May 9 2018

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Clues Answers
“As we forgive ___ …” THOSE
“Concert” attachments GOERS
“If you won’t, ___ will!” THENI
“___ I miss?” WHATD
Act like a model POSE
Activated, as a Christmas tree LIT
Aerobic units STEPS
Aggravate RILE
Bit of dental advice FLOSS
Boy Scot LAD
Burns and Shakespeare BARDS
Canister at a riot TEARGAS
Cautioned WARNED
Cheer syllable RAH
Clownish fools? BOZOS
Common grain RYE
Consecrate, oily ANOINT
Crammed duo? EMS
Didn’t pass FLUNKED
Dish in a lab PETRI
Documents in safes DEEDS
Dubble Bubble, for one GUM
Dull delivery MONOTONE
Dump feature ODOR
Easily influenced PLIANT
Escapes restraints BREAKSLOOSE
Explore caves SPELUNK
Frat boy wannabe RUSHEE
Gradually discontinue PHASEOUT
Harmless ammo BLANKS
Herd member? NERD
Horse-led transport BUGGY
Hub by the Loop OHARE
Intensifying suffix EST
Introduce, as a subject BRINGUP
IRS project AUDIT
Lady of rhymes MOTHERGOOSE

Clues Answers
Like many wild creatures BEASTLY
Like recurring arguments REHASHED
Like some meats LEAN
Lion sign LEO
Magli of shoes BRUNO
Maine’s state animal MOOSE
Mine yield ORE
More fit HALER
Musician born 2/18/33 ONO
P, to Greeks RHO
Plus column listing ASSET
Poetic work ODE
Rip out stitches UNSEW
River in France MARNE
Some servers TEASETS
Square, in the ’60s UNHIP
Squid defense INK
Stomach problem ULCER
String along COZEN
Suffer in August SWELTER
Swing or disco time? ERA
Swiss mathematician Leonhard EULER
Thing to punch CLOCK
True tires ALIGN
Type of bank BLOOD
U-turn from gulp SIP
UFO passengers ETS
Valuable nugget maker GOLDENGOOSE
War opponent ENEMY
Way-old soon ANON
Way-rowdy youngster HELLION
What a daft carpenter has? ASCREWLOOSE
Will Smith role ALI
Workers’ dues collector UNION
X2 automaker BMW