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Universal – May 9 2019

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Clues Answers
“Doggone it!” DRAT
“Get a ___!” (“Calm down!”) GRIP
“Moonstruck” star CHER
“Sleepless in Seattle” director Ephron NORA
2018 Cuaron film ROMA
Accord or Altima SEDAN
Actor Mineo SAL
Actress Longoria EVA
Airline with a triangular logo DELTA
Arid DRY
Barely made, with “out” EKED
Beatles song about an underwater vessel played blues-style? GREENSUBMARINE
Big head? MEGA
Biol. or chem SCI
Bit of a melody NOTE
Black piano key material EBONY
Cabbage variety NAPA
Ceremonial act RITE
Check-signing need PEN
Clean a counter, say WIPE
Cuba, por ejemplo ISLA
Dental image XRAY
Discard SCRAP
Donkey ASS
Fabulous author? AESOP
Famed British school ETON
Fireplace remnants ASHES
Full of energy PEPPY
Group of quail BEVY
Here-there connector? AND
Hobbits’ home, with “The” SHIRE
Homer’s bartender MOE
In the envelope: Abbr ENC
Interweave MESH
It’s worth $0.01 CENT
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Kick out OUST
Large American cat PUMA
Lattice for vines TRELLIS
Life span units YEARS
Like falling off a log EASY
Love, in Lyon AMOUR
Mattress springs COILS
Midwest baseball team wearing eye black? CHICAGOGRAYSOX
Mrs. Roosevelt ELEANOR
NBC’s “___ Is Us” THIS
Not at home AWAY
Offended HURT
One of 16 in a chess set PAWN
One of the Ivies YALE
Performance art trio touring in a red state? PURPLEMANGROUP
Places for pupils EYES
Practice jabs, say SPAR
Prom rental, informally LIMO
Prom rental, informally TUX
Pungent ACRID
Put in a new lawn RESOD
QB’s cue HIKE
Rights org. since 1920 ACLU
Rope fiber SISAL
See 65-Across AGE
Snoopy’s airborne nemesis in fading yellow newspapers? THEORANGEBARON
South Pacific region OCEANIA
Streak of smoke WISP
Stumble around STAGGER
Sushi foundation RICE
Talent agent Emanuel ARI
Tehran resident IRANI
Thing on a list ITEM
Underworld river STYX
Up, as the sun RISEN
Wedding band RING
With 26-Down, historic toolmaking period IRON
Word before “park” or “song” THEME
Worn-out horse NAG
Wrap up END
___, Pinta and Santa Maria NINA