Universal – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Assuming that’s true …” IFSO
“Cornflake Girl” singer Tori AMOS
“I solved it!” AHA
“Leave this instant!” GONOW
“Me?!” MOI
“OK, ___ bite” ILL
“Why ___ not surprised?” AMI
“___ you sure?” ARE
2007 thriller about the last human in New York City IAMLEGEND
Accumulate AMASS
Address the U.N. assembly, say ORATE
Bar bill TAB
Big stars have big ones EGOS
Bird with an S-shaped neck HERON
Busy worker in the garden? BEE
Choose by voting ELECT
Clock face DIAL
Color of honey or mirin AMBER
Cries uncontrollably SOBS
Crunches work them ABS
Deserves EARNS
Differentiate SETAPART
Drew to a close ENDED
Dull color GRAY
Elevator brand OTIS
Excessive (first 2 letters + last 3) TOOMUCH
F-, e.g., in chemistry class ION
Facial roller gemstone, often JADE
Fall pumpkin coating FROST
Feels unwell AILS
Flight tracker stat ETA
Got acquainted with MET
Green card and others IDS
Guy who assists a villain HENCHMAN
He played a shape-shifter in “True Blood” (first letter + last 4) SAMTRAMMELL
Insomniac’s frustration (first letter + last 4) SLEEPLESSNIGHT
Its shell is edible TACO
Jiggly dessert JELLO
Lawn roll SOD
Like a throwback style RETRO
Like trout or tuna OILY
M.D. treating laryngitis ENT
Machu Picchu builder INCA
Magenta or mustard HUE
Major artery AORTA
Many loyal employees OLDTIMERS
May 8, 2022, VIP MOM
Medical research org NIH
Musician Rundgren TODD
Nick of “Warrior” NOLTE
No-win situations? TIES
Not yet eliminated INIT
Opposite of sketchy LEGIT
Per person EACH
Period of history ERA
Piece of chicken THIGH
Pound or foot UNIT
Pursue romantically WOO
Red ingredient in meatloaf (In this answer, note the first letter + the last 4) TOMATOPASTE
Reddit provocateur TROLL
Remove from office OUST
Respectful address MAAM
Rest on a meditation cushion SIT
Rosebush hazard THORN
Rudolph’s is red NOSE
Seven Dwarfs’ leader DOC
Sound from a steer MOO
Syrup source MAPLE
Take an oath SWEAR
Tax cheat’s dread AUDIT
Teri of “Mr. Mom” GARR
The Shroud of Turin, e.g RELIC
Top-of-the-line BEST
Very sad (first 4 letters + last 3) HEARTWRENCHING
Walk on the runway STRUT
Weed-seizing cop NARC
Zodiac lion LEO
___ monster (venomous lizard) GILA

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