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Universal – Nov 11 2018

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Clues Answers
An S.I. Sportsman of the Year ALI
Army station BASE
Author Tyler ANNE
Awake? Not hardly ASLEEP
Awards for professors TENURES
Ballerina’s put-on TUTU
Blow a fan on AIRCOOL
Bring upon INCUR
Carb-rich dish PASTA
Church part APSE
Come to pass OCCUR
Conclude END
Criminologist’s discovery PRINT
Denominational offshoots SECTS
Disentangle UNDO
Disgusting political tactic SMEAR
Exploding stars NOVAE
Faith abandoner APOSTATE
Fill beyond full SATE
Filling meal REPAST
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Foretell BODE
Frilly fabric LACE
Galileo’s org NASA
Go beyond dislike ABHOR
Greeting card feature POEM
Has permission, way old MAYST
Hindu sacred book VEDA
Horned antelope ORYX
Hubble and Proton-1 SPACETELESCOPES
Imitator APER
Immediately ASAP
Is decisive OPTS
It can contain a sales message ADVERTISINGCOPY
Jailbird CON
Jungle king LION
Kathmandu native NEPALI
Laminating material ACETATE
Like cold drinks ICED
Liquor potency PROOF
Magnitude or degree EXTENT
Make into confetti RIPUP
Mickey Mouse’s caps EMS
Mine finds ORES
Mosque official IMAM
Ms. linked to a Mr MRS
Near-adult TEEN
New Zealand native MAORI
Newspaper think piece OPED
Noted ski resort ASPEN
Noted wine valley LOIRE
Oatmeal shade ECRU
Pencil number TWO
Place for a swarm HIVE
Places PUTS
Plant in a pond ALGA
Playground thing SEESAW
Prosperity indicator (abbr.) GNP
Raced too fast SPED
Russian ruler no more TSAR
Sarge’s funny dog OTTO
Seed’s outer cover TESTA
Shirts, to skins FOE
Speechify ORATE
Super event BOWL
Thing guarded in a duel? EPEE
Three numbers before seven AREACODE
Thyroid blowup GOITER
Tommy on drums LEE
Took off WENT
Tried to be elected again RERAN
U-turn from “I’m good” ALAS
What much jazz is SYNCOPATEDMUSIC
With few calories, in ads LITE
Word with “to be” SEEMS
Words with “trap” or “date” SETA