Universal – Nov 12 2018

Clues Answers
“Bye bye” or “Later” CIAO
“C’mon, move on!” LETSGO
“He’s ___ nowhere man …” AREAL
“It ___” (formal “Who’s there?” reply) ISI
“Pants on fire” fellow LIAR
“The Pearl” Monroe of hoops EARL
“The Raven” monogram and this theme EAP
“Who ___ you, the pope?” ARE
30-Across’ number NINE
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Additionally TOBOOT
Advocate earnestly URGE
Airport section TARMAC
Alias, briefly AKA
Antifreeze, e.g COOLANT
Bard’s “always” EER
BBs and pellets, e.g AMMO
Blueprint detail, in short SPEC
Cake or pizza toppings PINEAPPLES
Capital near the Baltic RIGA
Christiania, today OSLO
Cipher, as a message ENCODE
City near the Ganges AGRA
Close loudly SLAM
Clusters of fish eggs ROES
Copier cartridge TONER
Death personified GRIMREAPER
Dissolved bloc (abbr.) USSR
Document to keep co. secrets NDA
Ducky shade TEAL
Dude from Tarsus SAUL
Dunk in gravy SOP
Ed McMahon, for one SIDEMAN
Emporium STORE
Emulate a falcon SOAR
Extinct Nair rival NEET
Eyeball-bending work OPART
Fall tool RAKE
Fragrant climbing flower SWEETPEA
Frequent Spago’s DINE
Get all tattered WEAR
Get ready for, for short PREP
Get things going START
Grip the road? You wish SKID
Historical periods ERAS
In a suitable way PROPERLY
Junk-begets-junk acronym GIGO
Knight combat event TILT
Like saved farm grain ENSILED
Like yore? OLDEN
Likes like a hippie DIGS
Microbe GERM
Mouse clickee ICON
Nonet kin ENNEAD
Not tricked by ONTO
Not use entirely WASTE
Old German leader Helmut KOHL
Part of a 45 BSIDE
Penny-pinching ray? CHEAPSKATE
Sam the soulful singer COOKE
Sea of Crete AEGEAN
Sites the RV ENCAMPS
Some leaders ELDERS
Some library transactions RENEWALS
Special event OCCASION
Strongly denounce DECRY
Therapist’s smear? INKBLOT
They’re experimental GUINEAPIGS
Thread-cutting Fate ATROPOS
Two less than 30-Across SEPTET
Two-wood on the links, old-style BRASSIE
Vegetables for gumbo OKRAS
Violin bow rub-on ROSIN
With author unknown ANON

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