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Universal – Nov 15 2018

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Clues Answers
“Silas Marner” writer ELIOT
“Soul Train” participants DANCERS
“Starting now …” FROMHEREOUT
Add to (with “out”) EKE
Airheads and blockheads DUMBOS
All set READY
Artist Albrecht DURER
Attack or commencement ONSET
Blade height controller MOWER
Blazing heaps PYRES
Bratty replies SASS
Brit’s air arm RAF
Brought to ruin UNDONE
Bug, in a way TAP
Call, as a game REF
Calls forth EDUCES
City in western Germany AACHEN
Clarinet needs REEDS
Clay-sand combo MARL
Connecticut port MYSTIC
Court WOO
Cronelike ANILE
Cutter in the field SCYTHE
Distribute, as a magazine ISSUE
Distributes (with “out”) METES
Drop the ball, really ERR
Drum major’s hat SHAKO
Eggs in the sea ROE
Exactly or precisely TOTHELETTER
Fine streak or furrow STRIA
Follow, as rules OBEY
Formed like a slingshot YSHAPED
Generic dog’s name REX
Go off the tracks DERAIL
Hangman’s loops NOOSES
House and home ABODE
How tie games are fought TOASTANDOFF
Hundred-eyed monster ARGUS
Invoice amount FEE
It can be on a “while” ERST
Keebler employee ELF
Like Bart Simpson’s hair SPIKY
Louisiana-speak CREOLE
Luxurious tub SPA
Meat of the coconut COPRA
Most feeble WEAKEST
Not well BADLY
Plains dwelling, once TEPEE
Recent Olympics host RIO
Rocky deposit ORE
Save from harm RESCUE
Secure sneakers TIE
Show a stamped hand at a show REENTER
Ski mecca ASPEN
Smart ___ (obnoxious ones) ALECKS
Some formal attire SUITS
Some top corp. people EXECS
Spine-chilling EERIE
Stock ticker inventor EDISON
Taken into account NOTED
Things often not allowed PETS
Type of dust COSMIC
Vanilla extract meas TSP
Verbal comebacks RETORTS
Verizon, for one TELCO
Well-armed creatures OCTOPI
Widow’s due DOWER
With shoes on SHOD
Word of the past AGO