Universal – Nov 17 2018

Clues Answers
“Don’t eat me” indicator ODOR
“Without further ___ …” ADO
2-Down food endings? OVERS
911 letters? EMS
Agile and quick SPRY
Application USE
Armistice PEACE
Ascend suddenly SOAR
Borrow, as a cigarette BUM
Catch sight of, far out there ESPY
Catty creature OCELOT
Clock standard GMT
Common opener KEY
Con job SHAM
Contents of some trays ICE
Disagreeable burden ONUS
Diva’s song ARIA
Doing some shoe repairs REHEELING
Eagle-eyed hunter ERNE
Egg, all fancy OVUM
Exciting baseball tactic STEAL
Faithful and honest TRUSTY
Ferocious sound ROAR
Flight suit letters USAF
Geometry points FOCI
Governor’s thumbs-down VETO
Grain bane ERGOT
Hawaiian island OAHU
Heavyweight legend ALI
It reaches six feet under PLOT
It’s next to nothing ONE
Legendary French singer Edith PIAF
Like any fact TRUE
Low-pressure marketing SOFTSELL
Many Egyptians ARABS
Most melancholy BLUEST
Neck part NAPE
No cuts allowed? (Part 1) IFYOUFORGOTWHAT
No cuts allowed? (Part 2) YOURBLOODTYPEIS
No cuts allowed? (Part 3) SEEKTOBPOSITIVE
NYC’s Fifth AVE
Ocean menace MAKO
One thing the euro replaced LIRA
One way to turn LEFT
Organ attachments? ISMS
Own up to ADMIT
Pest in a garden APHID
Poet who inspired “Cats” ELIOT
Pond plant ALGA
Porkpie material FELT
Prepare for a drive TEEUP
Prestigious college group IVYLEAGUE
Quiz relative TEST
Reference book TOME
Remove ERASE
Roman river TIBER
Sauna site SPA
Seven bones down low TARSI
Shout after a long delay ATLAST
Some fragrant flowers TEAROSES
Some tides NEAPS
Stuff a belly SATE
Tests an engine REVS
Then’s partner NOW
They ball in Oklahoma THUNDER
Transports with poles SKIS
Treasure cache TROVE
Uncomfortable position HOTSEAT
Unit of pressure TORR
Unit selling cookies TROOP
Verbalizes SAYS
Where Chulalongkorn was king SIAM
White bread alternatives RYES
___ makes waste HASTE

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