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Universal – Nov 19 2018

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Clues Answers
“And ___ off!” THEYRE
“Give that ___ cigar!” MANA
“Ladies and gentlemen …” e.g INTRO
“Looks ___ everything” ARENT
“Unhand me, you cad!” LETGO
“Who’s Who” piece BIO
“___ Tu” (’74 hit song) ERES
“___ Wars” STAR
5-Across firer AIRRIFLE
A great distance AFAR
Adjutant AIDE
Archaic before ERST
Atmosphere about someone AURA
Batting average raisers HITS
BBs and such AMMO
Before, way-old ERE
Bone from the elbow ULNA
Catacamas is there HONDURAS
Certain weeder HOER
Colorful breakfast item BLUEBERRYMUFFIN
Common Market (Abbr.) EEC
Dingo’s prey EMU
Eight bits BYTE
Emulated the sun SHONE
Every fourth “year” LEAP
Extremely dry, in champagnes BRUT
Frost work POEM
Half statue TORSO
He beat Ernie Terrell in 1967 ALI
Hindu dress SARI
Home run gait TROT
Hosiery material LISLE
Kyoto waist sashes OBIS
Like basso singing OPERATIC
Lock go-with KEY
Magazine release ISSUE
Mary Mary singer Campbell ERICA
Memorization by repetition ROTE
Moisten meat a bit BASTE
Morsels ORTS
Muhammad’s religion ISLAM
Navigational aid MAP
Neither wins nor loses TIES
Newspaper think piece OPED
Not have but need LACK
Not long from now SOON
On ___ basis (for testing) ATRIAL
Patch applier MENDER
Periods of two or more of 40-Across EONS
Pesters ANNOYS
Potter’s Malfoy DRACO
Prefix with “structure” INFRA
Proficiently ABLY
Prohibition, e.g ERA
Rules a realm REIGNS
Ryan Tannehill’s city MIAMI
Sleeve finale CUFF
Snares for fish NETS
Society page newbie DEB
Some pale sweets WHITECHOCOLATES
Sound of pain OUCH
Spinning pool shot MASSE
Squid squirtings INKS
Stick but good COHERE
Swirl a spoon STIR
Tender start? BAR
Throws into the mix ADDS
Timid rodents MICE
Turn in again, as a test RESUBMIT
Type of devil? DARE
Type of ladder STEP
U-turn from caressed PAWED
Uncultured person RUBE
Veggie on hillsides with water REDSKINNEDONION
Verizon, for one TELCO
With “the,” not this or that OTHER
With more guards? SAFER
Writer of tales with morals AESOP