Universal – Nov 23 2018

Clues Answers
“Otherwise …” IFNOT
“Same” anagram MESA
“___ and the King” ANNA
180 swing-around, in slang UIE
1986 film title cat MILO
2001 boxing film ALI
Approach NEAR
Argue over trivial things NIGGLE
Beat or defeat TOP
Became closer BONDED
Big instruments CELLOS
Bride’s path AISLE
Bridgeport-to-Rhode Island dir ENE
Brief parting words OBIT
Certain Iraqi KURD
Choose personally HANDPICK
Christmas tree hanging ORNAMENT
Collegiate points title holder? Yawn NCAABORINGCHAMP
Comics page unit STRIP
Contributes ADDS
Deplete (with “up”) USE
Do like a peacock PREEN
Dodge vehicle RAM
Engine stat RPM
Epoch of mammals EOCENE
Expressed wonderment OOHED
Famous Henry’s number VIII
Firecracker’s big brother TNT
Firecracker’s sound BANG
Fruit juice brand HIC
Giudice, Wright or Brewer TERESA
Great watchfulness VIGILANCE
H.S. lab class BIO
Hat rack part PEG
High up ALOFT
Holiday to spend a holiday? INN
It has none better BEST
Japanese city SAPPORO
Kind of box for a carpenter MITER
Loss or damage DETRIMENT
Made a nickel-hitting-metal sound PINGED
Make fun of TEASE
Malicious looks SNEERS
Masterful musical work OPUS
Mischievous rug rat IMP
Mouse-sighting cry EEK
Office fixture DESK
One square meter CENTARE
Owing money INDEBT
Part of a frozen pond ICE
Part of a staircase RISER
Precipitate, commonly RAIN
Research sch INST
Retirement acct IRA
Saturn’s wife OPS
Showed up CAME
Some Arab rulers EMIRS
Sondra of Eastwood films LOCKE
Sphere, in poems ORB
Step’s big brother STOMP
Sudden outpourings SPATES
Suffix with “athletic” ISM
Televise AIR
Thing installed in a bathroom? Yawn CERAMICBORING
Thing on piles PIER
Train stoppers BRAKEMEN
Utilizes Southwest ENPLANES
Wasn’t brought up to date? ISNT
Way-bygone monarch TSAR
Word after a drop OOPS
Word with “cave” MAN
Words of estimation ORSO
Zodiac’s scales LIBRA
___ Aviv TEL

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