Universal – Nov 3 2018

Clues Answers
“La ___” (Camus novel) PESTE
“What a discovery!” OHO
“Wuthering Heights” writer BRONTE
1 of a carton’s dozen EGG
1,000 millennia (var.) AEON
Auricular EARED
Barks up the wrong tree ERRS
Benicio ___ Toro DEL
Big-time happening EVENT
Bit of cold in the air NIP
Bright and energetic DYNAMIC
British transport LORRY
Bubbling ABOIL
Busy place in Chicago OHARE
Calla lily family ARUM
Camera type, initially SLR
Certain military member MARINE
Cone-shaped quarters TEPEE
Death penalty alternative LIFE
Dynamite relative TNT
Eastwood’s TV character YATES
Eavesdrop SPY
Enjoys a favorite book REREADS
Exceed in importance ECLIPSE
Feeling of guilt REMORSE
Garden pond fish KOI
Genesis VIP EVE
Giving one? DONOR
Hair snarl TANGLE
Happens OCCURS
Indian flatbread NAN
Indoor trampolines? SOFAS
Kangaroo’s title? CAPTAIN
Mapmaker’s name MCNALLY
Miner’s discovery ORE
Molded by a money player? PROFORMEDTO
Moving forward to vote? CONGRESSING
New York canal ERIE
Overnight establishment INN
Pedestrian, as writing PROSY
Persona ___ grata NON
Place for a nursery rhyme owl ASEA
Played a Pearl set DRUMMED
Poet’s adverb OFT
Powerful adhesive EPOXY
Prison-made license plate, e.g.? CONCREATION
Prompting on-air talent CUING
Red Sea notable MOSES
Rub raw ABRADE
Seed covers ARILS
Seven on some clocks VII
Sinks like a rock PLUNGES
Snatch TAKE
Some extra periods OTS
Some muscles, cut DELTS
Spock’s forte LOGIC
Suitable for all audiences EXOTERIC
Supporting AND funding? PROFRONTING
Teamed, as oxen YOKED
Thomas Jefferson, for one DEIST
Tolkien creature ORC
Trig function COSEC
Trucker’s sleeper CAB
Umpire’s various shouts CALLS
Vague image BLUR
Was obviously furious RAGED
What auction winners do OUTBID
What doors allow ENTRY
Whence to admire from? AFAR
Witches’ kettle CAULDRON
___ for (selects) OPTS
___-o’-nine-tails CAT

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