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Universal – Nov 4 2018

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Clues Answers
“30 Rock” creator FEY
“Super quick!” in an office ASAP
“Well, you know what …” COMETOTHINKOFIT
“___ in turkey” (early lesson) TAS
29-Across’ 33 1/3 RPM
7:1, e.g RATIO
Add-on to “ten” SION
Any marine vessel WATERCRAFT
Aroma kin SCENT
Audience divider AISLE
Barrels ___ day PER
Become noticeable EMERGE
Beeper, old-school PAGER
Bing who crooned CROSBY
Broken, as machinery INOPERABLE
Bulgarian capital SOFIA
Burned wood remnant ASH
Cancel, as a takeoff ABORT
Candle feature WICK
Chewy boardwalk stuff TAFFY
Cobra relatives ASPS
Contractor eschewer DIY
Couple? Plus one or two AFEW
Deep ___ bend KNEE
Diligent? No way REMISS
Early computer operating system UNIX
Functions USES
Get a heavyweight decision GOFIFTEENROUNDS
Grate on IRK
Hawaiian party LUAU
Heathen PAGAN
Hill builders down low ANTS
Huge reference work TOME
In the near future, way old ANON
King Albert II’s on some EUROS
Like defective pens INKY
Like one separated from others ALONE
Little monkey of South America TITI
Locales SITES
Loch ___ monster NESS
Many or heaps RAFTS
Michelangelo work PIETA
Michigan city FLINT
Modern pentathlon weapon EPEE
Moth variety LUNA
Mr. Holland’s creation OPUS
News hour, for many TEN
Not square in 1959 HIP
Nut for beverages KOLA
Old general’s status, cut RET
Old Mideast gp UAR
One having an egg? HEN
Payments by many citizens STATETAXES
Place for chilling? ONICE
Pudding variety SAGO
Puncture from a thorn PRICK
Remover of rinds PARER
Reporters’ secretive sources LEAKS
Rings in math class TORI
Root beer patriarch DAD
Showed contrition ATONED
Small Highland village ANNAT
Solicits via email SPAMS
Son of Zeus ARES
Spanish movie house CINE
Target of world records? HIFI
Teacher’s kin, cut PROF
Texas shrine (with “the”) ALAMO
That dude HIM
The middle of rebooting? OOT
To become a pilot .. FLY
Tree fluid SAP
What haters do ABHOR
Woodcarver’s tool ADZE