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Universal – Nov 5 2018

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Clues Answers
“All My Children” VIP ERICA
“Deliverance” co-star Beatty NED
“From ___ to shining …” SEA
“The Untouchables” protagonist NESS
Actress Spelling TORI
Aerobics action STEP
Annoying night sound SNORE
Aria? No, but it’s melodic ARIOSO
Base night song TAPS
Basecoat’s job SEALER
Bent out of shape WARPED
Book of places ATLAS
Bowler’s challenge SEVENTENSPLIT
Broadway divisions ACTS
Causes a laugh riot SPLITSONESSIDES
Chicks’ utterances PEEPS
Contributes ADDS
Courtroom figs DAS
Credit card feature STRIPE
Dead broke STRAPPED
Deported EXILED
Divided, as glass PANED
Dropped drug ACID
Egyptian city CAIRO
European volcano ETNA
Fail to be erect SLOUCH
Feb. 14 presents ROSES
Food scrap ORT
Freewheelin’ Bob DYLAN
French born? NEE
French farewell ADIEU
Hardly new OLDISH
In a slack way LAXLY
In ___ (harmonious) SYNC
In ___ of LIEU
Intense or sharp KEEN
Internally INLY
Juneau’s state ALASKA
Last part of a concerto CODA
Laughing carnivore HYENA
Less shallow DEEPER
Magician’s thing ILLUSION
Makes a choice OPTS
Mischievous kid IMP
Oil giant AMOCO
Overpublicized HYPED
Pan spray PAM
Pitchers’ stats ERAS
Pouchong and others TEAS
Prepare some characters TYPESET
Ready to explode anytime VOLATILE
Redeem Team country USA
Shock and electrify AWE
Shows, as fangs BARES
Smart, sharp dresser FOP
Smeltery delivery ORE
Sofa kin DIVAN
Some meat cuts LOINS
Some pale drinks ALES
Sound a bit laryngitic RASP
Stuff stranded in the body RNA
Sub ingredient, often SALAMI
Three-running-backs-in-a-row lineup SPLITTFORMATION
Uniformed comics canine OTTO
Use filthy language CUSS
Valuable purple stone AMETHYST
Vena ___ (heart vessel) CAVA
Visible SEEN
What many mins. become HRS
Word with “not” or “having fun” YET
Words to the Little Red Hen NOTI
Wreckage remains DEBRIS
Yang go-with YIN
Yep, better YES