Universal – Nov 8 2018

Clues Answers
“Far From ___” HEAVEN
“Same for me” DITTO
“Smart” dude ALEC
“Sri” follower LANKA
“___ your instructions” ASPER
Able to pay any bill RICH
Advance super-slowly INCH
Aggressive upstarts WHIPPERSNAPPERS
Approach NEAR
Backtalks SASSES
Be imitative APE
Be in a dither STEW
Call upon INVOKE
Casino item CHIP
Certain woodwind OBOE
Coastal eagle ERNE
Common bookkeeper SHELF
Commuting payout TOLL
Court case VIP SUER
Covers for brothers COWLS
Cream color ECRU
Creature of the night OWL
Crossed-strips framework LATTICE
Cutting a neighbor’s grass, e.g ACTOFFRIENDSHIP
Dada dada ARP
Deep anxiety STRESS
Deluxe, as a suite POSH
Emulates a coyote HOWLS
Exasperate PEEVE
Feudal drudge SERF
Feudal landholder THANE
Filing target NAIL
Former Indian leader NEHRU
French door PORTE
Frequent fabricator LIAR
Give it another go RESTART
Hang in there PERSIST
Has no need to rent OWNS
It’s optimistic HOPE
Kanye West’s genre HIPHOP
Like many R-rated movies VIOLENT
Like some bad decisions RASH
Lingering sound effect ECHO
Many start Sunday at 11 WORSHIPSERVICES
Mathlete, not an athlete NERD
Middle’s middle DEES
Modernly fashionable CHIC
Month – glance filler ATA
Mr. Potato Head feature NOSE
Not lopsided EVEN
Not post, U-turn PRE
Not world-wise NAIVE
Old rods STAFFS
Oscar-winner Kevin KLINE
Perfect, as an edge HONE
Pleasant NICE
Poker payment ANTE
Preventer of exhaustion REST
Private, as thoughts INNER
Put through a trial run TEST
Quick kiss PECK
Quicken, as an appetite WHET
Recipe amounts CUPS
Rein, e.g STRAP
Show with its own glasses OPERA
Six-lined verse SESTET
Sky high, as prices STEEP
Some trucks or engines DIESELS
Some water creatures SEALS
Suave of a hit song RICO
Sub you can’t eat UBOAT
Surveyed POLLED
U-turn from outs INS
Ventriloquism center? ILO
Was a contender VIED
Word on a bill DUE

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