Universal – Oct 1 2018

Clues Answers
“… ___, whatever will be …” SERA
“Do the Right Thing” character SAL
“Dream on, clown!” ASIF
“This ___ what I expected” ISNT
“___ be my pleasure” ITD
“___ in America” ONLY
A relative of Cain ENOS
Accumulate strategically AMASS
Affect emotionally GETTO
Barely paid labor PEON
Bitty bite NIP
Blackens meat CHARS
Borden’s ad cow ELSIE
Brewery oven OAST
Cash register TILL
Chain in a cell RNA
Charged particles IONS
Check recipient PAYEE
Cotton on a stick SWAB
Dungeness creature CRAB
Easy running gait LOPE
Edible equines (End) STABLECONDITION
Edible equines (Middle) HORSESHEISNOWIN
Edible equines (Start) AKIDATEEIGHTTOY
Edible Pacific root TARO
Frighten SCARE
Goofs up ERRS
Guest columnist’s essay OPED
Hawaiian island OAHU
Hearty pub brew ALE
Holier ___ thou THAN
Home buyer’s option CONDO
Hug tightly ENCLASP
Hypnotic state TRANCE
In a skillful manner ABLY
Inhale with astonishment GASP
It involves long stretches AEROBICS
Jazz fan, old-school HEPCAT
La ___ (strange weather pattern) NINA
Like the wind UNSEEN
Macaroni variety ELBOW
Make like a geyser SPEW
Makeover REDO
Manually attack weeds HOE
Minuscule amount IOTA
Nabisco offering OREO
New England fishes CODS
Offshore greeting AHOY
Old code pioneer MORSE
PI or sleuth TEC
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Quarterback’s shout HIKE
Resting over ATOP
Resurrected RISEN
Royal in a sari RANI
Safe cracker of old films YEGG
Scheduled in a bar? ONTAP
Scot’s fishing spot LOCH
Sense-dulling drug OPIATE
Servant of a small queen BEE
Shake, as liquids AGITATE
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Site of applauded kisses ALTAR
Soap’s Kane ERICA
Splittable bit ATOM
Star quality ECLAT
Stops being busy RESTS
That dude? HIM
Two pills, often DOSE
U-turn from after BEFORE
U-turn from every single time NOTATALL
Upper-class Brit ARISTO
Valentine gifts ROSES
Vegas pull-downs SLOTS
Weapons stockpile ARSENAL

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