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Universal – Oct 10 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Howdy!” in Jalisco HOLA
“Jeopardy!” whiz Jennings KEN
“Mad Men” channel, once AMC
“Not only that …” ALSO
“Scandal” creator Rhimes SHONDA
“So awesome!” TOOCOOL
“Wait!” HOLDIT
“You can’t be serious!” AWCOMEON
2019 award for Serena Williams ESPY
Abby’s condition on SHO’s “Work in Progress” OCD
Accord automaker HONDA
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Ancestral chart TREE
Angsty music genre EMO
Attack with snowballs PELT
Bridge capacity measure TON
Brief success (see letters 5 to 8) FLASHINTHEPAN
Canvas shoe brand KEDS
Channels funded by pledge drives PUBLICTV
Corp. leaders CEOS
Critical hosp. area ICU
Crooner ___ King Cole NAT
Decanted POURED
Defeated in chess MATED
Disappointing words ITSANO
Down Under bird that never flies over EMU
Dull learning method ROTE
Dynamite letters TNT
Etsy offerings CRAFTS
Fashion-forward CHIC
Guest star of an NBC comedy show SNLHOST
Guiding principle ETHIC
Handle, as a sword WIELD
How insincere words ring HOLLOW
Howard’s end? EDU
It’s usually paid on the 1st RENT
Jabber PRATE
Janet who headed the Fed YELLEN
Kinsey’s field SEX
Kirsten of “Spider-Man” DUNST
Kitchen pest ANT
Knitting or bird watching HOBBY
Knock down TOPPLE
Like a 30-degree angle ACUTE
Like an album that has sold 2 million or more units (4 to 6) MULTIPLATINUM
Maiden of mythology NYMPH
McClanahan of “The Golden Girls” RUE
Note in lieu of banknotes IOU
November gem TOPAZ
One getting depressed by classical music? PIANOKEY
Part of a fuzzy pair? ZEE
People mag subject CELEB
Psychologists study them HUMANS
Pull out of the ground UPROOT
Queue call NEXT
Reason to recall food ECOLI
Response to “How are you?” IMOK
Selects from a group CULLS
Sell from a machine VEND
Sign for the superstitious OMEN
Slip on your own banana in Mario Kart, say ERR
Small salamander NEWT
Small version of yourself MINIME
Speak your mind OPINE
The “O” of OWN OPRAH
Tie the knot WED
Treat with a Boston cream variety DONUT
Uncontaminated PURE
What keeps the doctor away, proverbially (6 to 9) ANAPPLEADAY
Word before “que” or “favor” POR
You, in the Bible THEE
___ a soul NARY
___ following CULT
___ to secrecy SWORN