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Universal – Oct 11 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“About ___ high” YEA
“Frozen II” queen ELSA
“No ___!” (“Easy!”) PROB
“Queen of Salsa” Cruz CELIA
“Stop it!” NODONT
“Yes indeedy!” YOUBETCHA
$$$ source ATM
*Bread spread that may be made with almonds NUTBUTTER
*Main event? NAVALBATTLE
*One eats, cries and sleeps NEWBORNBABY
*She went around the world in 72 days NELLIEBLY
19-Across’s downtime NAP
Aluminum giant ALCOA
Appear menacingly LOOM
Award for Julia Louis-Dreyfus EMMY
Bear Dance performer UTE
Bi- plus one TRI
Bring about INDUCE
Capital of Norway OSLO
Certain ski lift TBAR
Chance to play TURN
Cheap pens BICS
Choctaw or Cocopah TRIBE
Corporate rule BYLAW
Defeated BEATEN
Deodorant brand MENNEN
Energy PEP
English network BBC
Film in which Madonna played a Peron EVITA
Florida retirement city, casually STPETE
For the immediate future NEARTERM
Friendly NICE
Ghostly sound MOAN
Goes on to say ADDS
Greeting to a matey AHOY
Hotel hallway amenity ICE
In the ___ (deeply focused) ZONE
Inflate, as a resume PAD
Insincere applause SLOWCLAP
Jordan’s continent ASIA
Kind of sprout ALFALFA
Kitchen scale unit OUNCE
LGBTQ+ magazine since 1992 OUT
Like many dystopias ORWELLIAN
Like stacked dolls NESTED
Network (with) LIAISE
New Haven Ivy Leaguers YALIES
Nonmainstream creative work ARTBRUT
Not at all overly wordy, unlike this clue TERSE
Not the original color DYED
One of four in a crossword grid CORNER
Person who doesn’t identify as male or female, for short … or a hint to the starred answers’ initials ENBY
Plaything whose name is a tongue twister TOYBOAT
Pole at sea MAST
Polite, palindromic address MAAM
Poseidon’s domain SEA
Poseidon, to Polyphemus FATHER
Rapper ___ Mosey LIL
Really long time: Var AEON
Record for later PRETAPE
Restrict, as one’s style CRAMP
Rockabilly brothers’ surname EVERLY
Scary Spice MELB
Send to another doctor REFER
Setup for a smash LOB
She sang “All the Stars” with Kendrick Lamar SZA
Shearing sound SNIP
Significant stretches ERAS
Surveyor’s unit ACRE
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Toothpaste tube top CAP
Try to avoid a moose, maybe VEER
Word after “road” or “round” TRIP
___-country ALT