Universal – Oct 12 2018

Clues Answers
“Be it ___ so humble” EVER
“You ___ here” ARE
90-degree shape ELL
Actress Wiest DIANNE
Baseball scores RUNS
Be overly fond of (with “on”) DOTE
Beastly creature OGRE
Bio class abbr RNA
Bus schedule data ETAS
Calendar square DAY
Capital of Portland? PEE
Caterer’s coffeepot URN
CEO degree, often MBA
Ceremonial dress REGALIA
Certain ex-liberal NEOCON
Chef’s garb APRON
Collect your blue ribbon WIN
Copy a peacock PREEN
Cover against damages again REINSURE
Desensitizer? NUMBER
Dizzy and off course DISORIENTED
Do as commanded OBEY
Dollar’s 1/10 DIME
Downright ARRANT
Drinking vessel CUP
Dryly comical WRY
Dude’s kin? BRO
Entreat BEG
Fabric rib WALE
Finder’s payment FEE
First responders’ letters EMS
Fix a toddler’s laces RETIE
Friendly Islands (with “The”) TONGAS
Ghost town-ish DESOLATE
Heeds a green light GOES
Historic intro? PRE
Ill-gotten funds PELF
Indigo, for instance DYE
Involving the city URBAN
Italian “Well done” BENE
Keep a low profile LAYLOW
Kitchen appliance OVEN
Loaf heels, essentially ENDS
Major caucus state IOWA
Make an F a D+ REGRADE
Many low-budget films INDIES
Middle of Chinese lanterns? ELA
Moldable things CLAYS
Narrow fish EEL
Not a no YES
Not as fettered FREER
Off the beaten track AFIELD
Place to store wheat GRANARY
Plant with milky juice SPURGE
Plaything TOY
Possessive pronoun HIS
Publishing editions ISSUING
Republic, e.g NATION
Right after this, legally HEREON
Roast necessity WEENIE
See eye to eye AGREE
Seniors disparager AGIST
Seven, one way VII
Sharpen on a grinder WHET
Some are inert GASES
Streamlet RILL
Sts? No. Blvds? Try again RDS
Unexplained vehicles UFOS
Union-making words IDO
Use FedEx SHIP
Veto NIX
Whimsically strange ODD
With more Mentha MINTIER
With too much to handle OVERWHELMED
You take it in OXYGEN

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