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Universal – Oct 14 2018

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Clues Answers
“I ___ see that coming!” DIDNT
56-Across number TWO
Archery needs BOWANDARROW
Artist Yoko ONO
Attic window DORMER
Avis output OVA
Babbles away JABBERS
Beat around the bush EVADE
Becomes a Marine ENLISTS
Big reptile, cut CROC
Brief commercials? ADS
Bucolic field LEA
BWI postings ETAS
Casual eatery BISTRO
Charlie Brown says it RATS
Chocolate substitutes CAROBS
Donkey relatives in Asia ONAGERS
Droopy-eared dog SPANIEL
Feeling of foreboding DREAD
Football-watching room, often DEN
Guiding maxim MOTTO
Had a helping ATE
Hands over, as territory CEDES
Hat type DERBY
It can be glued together MODEL
It can be gutterbound BOWLINGBALL
It once caused a draft WAR
Launch forces GEES
Leafy retreat BOWER
Made fun of playfully JAPED
Make less intense ABATE
Many or lots SCADS
Martin’s old TV sidekick ROWAN
Military trainee CADET
Monopoly abbr AVE
Mr. complement MRS
Net receipt? EMAIL
Not all the same DIVERSE
Old Venetian magistrates DOGES
On the train ABOARD
One flipping out on slopes? SNOWBOARDER
Outlaws BANS
Part of a film SCENE
Performing couple DUO
Pilfered CRIBBED
Polished off EATEN
Prom staples GOWNS
Pronoun for ships SHE
Put out of commission DISABLE
Quote or ticket CITE
Ring bearer? EAR
Roof projections EAVES
Ruffles part RIDGE
Seen, as on TV VIEWED
Shiny fabric SATEEN
Shooting marble TAW
Sixteen on a board PAWNS
Smooth-talking GLIB
So-o-o in love GAGA
Sound of wonder OOH
Sportive or merry GAMESOME
Swivelers on humans PELVISES
Tavern BAR
Toothy tool SAW
Trippy drug LSD
Unenviable home HOVEL
Unlikely prom king NERD
Veterans Day mo NOV
Way-thin pancake (var.) CRAPE
When many get their news? DAILY
When oddities are in class SHOWANDTELL
Wreaked havoc upon RAVAGED
Write one’s name on SIGN
___ New Guinea PAPUA
___ of transportation MODES