Universal – Oct 15 2018

Clues Answers
“… ___ a midnight dreary …” UPON
“Bonny” person LASS
“We hold ___ truths …” THESE
Allow in ADMIT
Beard softener LATHER
Biblical twin ESAU
Big name in baseball cards FLEER
Blueprint particular SPEC
Bog moss PEAT
Bring in a crop REAP
Brunette? No BLOND
Burning coal bit EMBER
Cast-of-thousands movie EPIC
Close friends PALS
Copier paper unit REAM
Daddy alternative PAPA
Depicts unfairly SKEWS
Diluted? Not at all PURE
Do a film editing chore SPLICE
Electricity carrier WIRE
Escapes FLEES
Fielding gaffe ERROR
Fish eggs ROE
Flat-topped hill MESA
Follows the rules OBEYS
Fragment PIECE
French wine valley LOIRE
Future revealer SEER
Georgia mountain STONE
God head? DEMI
Groups of eight OCTADS
Horn sound BEEP
Indisputable TRUE
Is on the riot squad DISPERSESCROWDS
It can turn syrupy SAP
It’s near Java BALI
Joust verbally SPAR
Lickety-split, way old APACE
Like a weak joke LAME
Like working machinery OPERABLE
Like yard sale stuff USED
Magnificent bird SWAN
Make really happy ELATE
Move from side to side WAGGLE
Not busy IDLE
Online newsgroup system USENET
Overturns UPENDS
Poultry delicacy CAPON
Pouts all about MOPES
Relative of “et al.” ETC
Relishing and how EATINGUP
Salt and gold producers MINES
See from a distance ESPY
Shaver’s mishap NICK
Short tails SCUTS
Some holidays in 26-Down TETS
Squid’s ink holder SAC
St. Louis attraction ARCH
Stall in the mall KIOSK
Suddenly inhale GASP
Thing worth something ASSET
Ties the knot WEDS
Tinker Bell kin PIXIE
To the point TERSE
Treated a sprain ICED
Way off the turnpike EXIT
Weapon in a silo (abbr.) ICBM
Wee drink SIP
Where Bhutan is ASIA
Whispered interjection PSST
With an active fleet ASEA
Word with “we forget” LEST
Work a handlebar STEER
Zip on a soccer field? NIL

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