Universal – Oct 16 2018

Clues Answers
“… and ___ the twain …” NEER
“Frasier” pooch EDDIE
“___ making a list …” HES
100 paisa RUPEE
100,000 BTUs THERM
16-Across kin DINAR
After-bath wear ROBE
All-in-vein stuff ORES
Always, in verse EER
Bader Ginsburg and Pointer RUTHS
Barely perceived quantities TRACES
Bee ___ (singers) GEES
Bought a poker hand ANTED
Bright gas NEON
Brings to a close ENDS
Chaotic sound NOISE
Chum PAL
Coffee add-in not for Tyler Moore? NONMARYCREAMER
Converge MEET
Disney dog TRAMP
Fanciful story TALE
Flute type FIFE
Get smaller gradually WANE
Half of a diet ad caption AFTER
Hanauma Bay locale OAHU
Harmless shooter insert PEA
Head of a bar? FOAM
Headlong assault ONRUSH
Hereditary unit GENE
In case LEST
Innovator’s necessity IDEA
Interlock MESH
Is concerned CARES
It makes connections AND
J. Blige’s marriage advice? DONTMARYINHASTE
Jeans stuff DENIM
Land-based weapon (abbr.) ICBM
Lasting pains ACHES
Licorice-y flavor ANISE
Like confused sailors? ATSEA
Like some flaps GUMMED
Listless feeling BLAH
Lucida Grande, for one FONT
Magdalene’s truce? MARYTHEHATCHET
Maneuverable, as a yacht YARE
Mortise joiner TENON
MP’s target AWOL
Obey the Sabbath REST
Ocean Spray prefix CRAN
Parlor, often FRONTROOM
Parting twins? TATA
Patty, to Bart Simpson AUNT
PC maker ACER
Perhaps MAYBE
Poker kin FARO
Prepared copy EDITED
Produced MADE
Restroom option MENS
Satyr’s companion FAUN
Ski trail with tight snow PISTE
Somewhat suspicious LEERY
Stained-glass window locale APSE
Staples Center, for one ARENA
Strands in the body DNA
Three-tiered cookie OREO
Tote board figures ODDS
Truculent ORNERY
Type of tube INNER
U-turn from 27-Down OUTER
Vast multitude HORDE
Was irritating ITCHED
Whale variety ORCA
Whig’s rival TORY
Words with “step” ONIT
Zoo relative MENAGERIE

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