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Universal – Oct 16 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Cornflake Girl” singer TORIAMOS
“No ___ luck!” SUCH
“That smarts!” OUCH
“The Big Bang Theory” star JIMPARSONS
“This woman’s place is in the House — the House of Representatives!” campaigner, 1970 BELLAABZUG
“Umm …” ERR
’80s jazz subgenre NEOBOP
Actress Moreno RITA
American currency: Abbr USD
Any object THING
Big name in gumdrops DOTS
Birth helpers DOULAS
Buys time STALLS
Dine on HAVE
Eastern Europe’s Sea of ___ AZOV
Employ USE
Enthusiastic response to “Who wants cake?” IDOIDO
Farm song refrain EIEIO
Fragrant rings LEIS
Gambol about FROLIC
Garment whose name aptly ends with “t” SHIRT
Goddess of discord ERIS
Graceful bend PLIE
He was found in a 2003 film NEMO
Home of Goya’s “The Third of May 1808” PRADO
In a way SORTOF
James Comey’s former org FBI
Kin’s partner KITH
Leave out OMIT
Led to the exit USHEREDOUT
Light gas, in two ways NEON
Mambo king Puente TITO
Minnesota’s Ilhan OMAR
Muesli tidbits OATS
Nile queen, briefly CLEO
Not be straight with LIETO
Nothing more than MERE
Overlook deliberately SNUB
Pass back and forth over CRISSCROSS
Pickle piece SPEAR
Piece of band gear AMP
Plausible but wrong SPECIOUS
Prefix for “favor” DIS
Preschool topic ABCS
Pretty swell NIFTY
Princess played by Carrie Fisher LEIA
Really enjoy DIG
Remove, as a hat DOFF
Requiring a step stool, perhaps (3 to 7) JUSTOUTOFREACH
Salad recipe instruction ADDOIL
Scale-y astrological sign? LIBRA
Solar panel spot ROOF
Stagger REEL
Sweet Italian bubbly ASTI
Texter’s “I think …” IMHO
The ___ of the party LIFE
They may be stacked in a kitchen cabinet POTS
Throw with force HURL
Took five RESTED
Tournament position SEED
Tourney stage before the finals SEMIS
Tres ___ cake LECHES
Trippy drug LSD
Type of electrical converter ACDC
Upper-ear jewelry items (6 to 10) CARTILAGERINGS
Very costly mistake (see letters 4 to 6) FATALERROR
W alternative OMNI
Without delay ATONCE
Word on a penny CENT
Word with “golf” or “jockey” DISC
Words before a stunt, and a hint to 17-, 28- and 46-Across HOLDMYBEER
Works like a dog SLOGS
Write on MARK
___ Minor (Little Bear constellation) URSA