Universal – Oct 18 2018

Clues Answers
“Could be anything” THERESNOTELLING
“Neither a borrower, ___…” NOR
“Thy,” now YOUR
“___ and out!” OVER
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Antlered creature ELK
Any judge, at times TRIER
Author Christian Andersen HANS
Bad thing to expect DOOM
Be a detective SNOOP
Beer containers KEGS
Bird in “never needed”? ERNE
Bowling item PIN
Church feature APSE
Cold War, historically ERA
Cronkite, for one NEWSMAN
Cut it out STOP
Dele reversals STETS
Describe via drawing LIMN
Ebony and ivory together KEYS
English port town POOLE
Explosion producer TNT
Feline in boots PUSS
Fence supporter POST
Fully dressed CLAD
Garden figure GNOME
Guys with kids with kids GRANDADS
Ham and cheese place DELI
Harsh, as an instructor STERN
Held back some change SHORTED
How some like their tea ICED
Indiana city or South American country PERU
Indira Gandhi’s dad NEHRU
Informal word after “drive” THRU
Layabout? No, U-turn DOER
Leopard’s spots, i.e MARKINGS
Like creepy settings EERIE
Like some sandpaper ROUGH
Like toxic food POISONED
Lobster or steak, notably ENTREE
Man cave, perhaps DEN
Mee and yuo, e.g TYPOS
Member of an NFL line END
Menu phrase for a king? ALA
Midwest state IOWA
Mountain pool TARN
Not amateurs PROS
Not tomorrow TODAY
Perform better than OUTDO
PI kin TEC
Place for an inbox DESK
Prayer recipient LORD
Provide a defeat WIN
Purple? A bit lighter MAUVE
Raucous NOISY
Rematch-seeker’s lament? ONCEISNOTENOUGH
Site of the first basketball game YMCA
Snakelike fishes EELS
Some offspring SONS
Some plums GAGES
State something differently PUTITANOTHERWAY
Stupefyingly silly INANE
Synthetic material ORLON
Tanker spill SLICK
Teamwork destroyers EGOS
Throw cash around SPEND
Urban pollution SMOG
Utah city OGDEN
Warble SING
When roosters get loud DAWN
Words after “glom” ONTO
Words with “precedent” SETA

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