Universal – Oct 19 2018

Clues Answers
“Brava!” evoker ARIA
“Buona ___” (good night) SERA
“How much have I lost” device SCALE
“I call it!” DIBS
“Just Getting Started” star RUSSO
Active, per Holmes AFOOT
An account payable BILL
Angelic? No, no, no VILE
Apicultural center? ULT
Avis output OVA
Bailey and Baldwin ALECS
Bar worth lots INGOT
Beastly creature OGRE
Beyonce hairstyle, sometimes AFRO
Canters LOPES
Chillingly weird EERIE
Common business expense OPERATINGBUDGET
Congressional underling AIDE
Cruised through, as an exam ACED
Digital communication company SKYPE
Doc’s advice REST
Executed, as a program RAN
Fables guy AESOP
Feature of garbage ODOR
Fillet’s lack BONE
First glance APERCU
Grandiose, filmwise EPIC
Greek “s” SIGMA
Green sin? ENVY
Hillary Clinton wear PANTSUIT
How returners will be right? BACK
Isolated spot of land ISLE
Laminated mineral MICA
Latvia’s capital RIGA
Leave in, editorially STET
Like baseball’s summer team ALLSTAR
Like left-out food ROOMTEMPERATURE
Like one slower than a wasp STUNG
Like tied shoes LACED
Liver mineral IRON
Long-faced creature MOOSE
Marine bird ERNE
Mentally zeroing in CONCENTRATINGON
Miss Muffet had some CURDS
Musk-y company? TESLA
Mysterious craft UFO
Obtain via interrogation ELICIT
Office staples PENS
Pass along wisdom EDUCATE
Passing Newton CAM
Perform lousily STINK
Play fiddler’s spot ROOF
Proofreader’s notation DELE
Python shape COIL
QB’s protectors LINE
Ready to be cut? MEASURED
Recycles REUSES
Removes wrinkles, in a way STEAMS
Republican abbr GOP
Riding accessories CROPS
Sherwood’s merry group MEN
Shot measurement DOSE
Show obeisance, in a way KNEEL
Silver fish SMELT
Stable person OSTLER
Sudden outpourings SPATES
Tart fruit SLOE
Tentative drinks SIPS
Thing checked off ITEM
Top seed’s reward BYE
Type of teen king PROM
Understand, as a gag GET
Waiter’s want ORDER
Wriggly fish EELS
Zero NIL

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