Universal – Oct 21 2018

Clues Answers
“Beetle Bailey” character SARGE
“Cool” relative HIP
“Curses!” kin DRAT
“Et ___” (and others) ALIA
“I, Robot” writer ASIMOV
“Right, horse” GEE
“___ the ramparts we …” OER
32-card 31-Across PIQUET
Acquire through merit EARN
Alaskan native ALEUT
An American greeting ALOHA
Bar snort SHOT
Bird with a forked tail KITE
Bottleneck wedge? LIME
Buzzing pest GNAT
Casual no NOPE
Cause of a one-hr. shift DST
Conned place? CELL
Consisting of two DUPLE
Cookie brand OREO
Creator of far-out 36-Across WILDIMAGINATION
Deficient blood condition ANEMIA
Director Almodovar PEDRO
Does 80 in a 65 SPEEDS
Draw parallels EQUATE
Eggs, fancified OVA
Floating on the Indian ASEA
Food in the woods? GAME
Fruit for flavoring gin SLOE
Fundamental belief TENET
Get misty, as windshields FOGUP
Great danger PERIL
Gymnastic maneuver FLIP
Happen ___ (discover) UPON
Has deficiencies LACKS
Heaven on Earth, once EDEN
Hubble builder NASA
Irrational juvenile CRAZYMIXEDUPKID
Irritating one VEXER
It saves nine if in time STITCH
Jackson 5 guitarist TITO
Kimono sporter GEISHA
Last letter ZEE
Legitimate VALID
Lemminglike rodent VOLE
Like (with “to”) AKIN
Major desert GOBI
Many trees OAKS
Maximizing suffix EST
Mental sparks IDEAS
Mortise connection TENON
Muck go with MIRE
Passe TV dial abbr VERT
Paycheck booster RAISE
Police want you to follow them? LAWS
Prove to be allergic BREAKOUTINARASH
Recognize a general SALUTE
Rocks in pockets ORES
Say again REPEAT
School adjunct PTA
Sheep brand MERINO
Shoe complements SOCKS
Short-tailed lemur INDRI
Sign promoting savings SALE
Some African antelopes KUDUS
Spanish Mrs SENORA
Stuck, as a landing NAILED
Super benevolent KINDLY
Switch positions OFFS
That bloke HIM
Thing on a check AMOUNT
Things to shuck EARS
Type of iron or book SCRAP
Upper-crust group ELITE
Went to waste SAT
Yacht pronoun SHE
___ out (scraped together) EKED

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