Universal – Oct 22 2018

Clues Answers
“Dear” guy SIR
“I don’t believe that!” PSHAW
“The Raven” author POE
14-Across deity EROS
34-Down cut ERR
Access online subscriptions LOGON
Action film staple HERO
Alias, briefly AKA
Arizona Native American HOPI
Audio elevators AMPS
Base overthrow, e.g ERROR
Bear in constellations URSA
Befuddled ATSEA
Bible word of agreement AMEN
Big thing to plan for EVENT
Bobbing on the waves ASEA
Bread riser YEAST
Business end of a sword BLADE
Clubs for sand traps WEDGES
Coat for goat MOHAIR
Corny remnant COB
Diva’s production OPERA
Do “American Idol” SING
Dr. Seuss character SAM
Dynamite letters TNT
Eggy drink NOG
Floral leaves BRACTS
Fundamental BASIC
German mug STEIN
Get all gussied up PREEN
Go beyond “like” LOVE
Have desires YEARN
Improved like wine AGED
It can be a high roller DIE
It’s smelly on purpose NOSE
Leave the outside ENTER
Like some routes SCENIC
Littlest pup RUNT
London carriage PRAM
Long-tongued mammal OKAPI
Major blood vessel AORTA
Mansion and grounds ESTATE
March 15, e.g IDES
Marker for a debtor IOU
Matadors’ procession PASEO
New Orleans 3-Down MARDIGRAS
Not appropriate UNAPT
Not close FAR
Oft-stepped-on creature ANT
Period’s place END
Placed on watch PERDU
Plump fowl CAPON
Proficiency ADEPTNESS
Prolonged conflict WAR
Put in a poker stake ANTED
Pyramid function CRYPT
Rope maker’s fiber SISAL
Rum-___-Tugger (“Cats” cat) TUM
Rural places FARMS
See socially DATE
Seed for daddy? POPPY
Seen-it-all feeling BLASE
Shake awake AROUSE
Show routine, sometimes SONGANDDANCE
Small bit of land ISLET
Sound projectors PAS
Sprinter’s space LANE
Suffix with “sect” ARIAN
Surname-dividing word NEE
Take a load off REST
Took to the jailhouse RANIN
Toss detente aside REARM
Trumpeted BLEW
Vicinity AREA
Walks heavy-footed PLODS
West African country MALI
Where separate things are HEREANDTHERE

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